Sunday, November 1, 2009

Crystal and the Animal Hoods

I love the Assiniboine Farmers Market. St.Norbert's Market has nothing on it in my mind. There is parking, farmers, and a couple craft tables. Isn't that what you need?? I hate walking a mile to stand in line for veggies. I don't care about most of the crafty things...I want food....that is why I go to the market. I can get in and out of the Assiniboine Farmers Market in about 20 minutes with my daughter in tow. This is where I met Crystal. I believe she is someones wonderful Oma. She has this table where she sells all these knit animal slippers. She also knits beautiful baby and toddler hoodies. At one visit I asked if she could make me a black kitty hoodie for my daughter to match the slippers I bought her and she did. It is adorable and I have been buying all sorts of little animal hoodies for our friends.

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