Sunday, November 29, 2009

Southern Manitoba's tlp photography

Tiffany Payment contacted me a little while ago to tell me about her photography. She is from Gretna, Manitoba. I love photography and will probably have many posts in the future featuring the talented people behind the cameras that Manitoba has to offer us. One thing that I really like about Tiffany, which I have seen in other talented artisans, is her passion. She was not trained to be a photographer and then got a job taking photos. She loved capturing her children in candid shots and as she got her first digital camera she began to learn more and more and loved capturing other people's moments too. Tiffany now has a large portfolio of family, maternity, newborns, babies, and much much more.

I want to feature family photos today since that is what started Tiffany on this path. With Christmas up and coming families are excitedly planning for gatherings and getting gifts together. This is one moment when I think a good photographer can make a difference. At this time of year families are booking their family photo, to send along with their Christmas cards. Most often these are at one of the box stores. I have complained about this industry before when I featured another photographer. Tiffany will bring out your inner sparkle that a photographer in a sterile mini studio cannot. You will not be instructed to have to hold an unnatural "cute" or "loving family" pose and smile in unison to get that one good shot. Tiffany looks past the stiff posed pictures to the fun in everyone. As you play with your children she will be snapping memories. She will find someplace beautiful, whether it be your own home or outside, and let you make the memories while she looks into YOUR world. Do not book your family into a little studio with different coloured backdrops. Let a photographer like Tiffany into your life and make real memories.

Tiffany has a beautiful website and a blog you can follow.

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