Sunday, November 22, 2009

Small Potatoes Baby Products

I have been admiring Small Potatoes at Baby Bin for a while now. Small Potatoes makes slings, nursing covers, little ones clothing, diaper clutches, hats, barrettes, and more. What stands out for me are the fabrics they use. Holly Clarke, the president of Small Potatoes, is a self-proclaimed "fabric junkie". She also has a background in graphic design and advertising so she is always on the lookout for unique and good quality products. These fabrics that she has chosen are bright, cheerful, and colourful prints. All Small potatoes clothes are handmade and she uses only the best textiles available.

My child is a busy little one and has a tendency to have little fits over and over in the day. When she is horrible I can fantasize a Small Potatoes dress on her. It would give me something to smile about. ;)

Another big wow factor that Small Potatoes has over many other children's product companies is that you will not see little teddy bears or safari animals. It always drives me mad how your style is supposed to be flushed down the drain as soon as you bring a child into this world. Why does the mother have to have a teddy bear baby sling or a big baby pink diaper bag because you have a baby girl? Dress for yourself. You are still a woman. Small Potatoes fabrics and product designs are modern, stylish, and make a statement. A completely different statement than the mom with the big puffy baby blue teddy bear diaper bag with bottle pockets on the outside of the bag. I am so glad that the idea behind the 80's-90's moms is gone!

Check out their products at the many stores in Manitoba, online at the numerous vendors that carry Small Potatoes, their website, their blog, or Visit them Nov 29th at the Creative Collection Craft Fair at the Cresentwood Community Centre.

Manitoba Stores:

The Baby Bin Boutique, 1444 Corydon Avenue near Waterloo, Winnipeg
A Child's Place, Grant Park Mall and St. Vital Mall, Winnipeg
Kids Around, 756 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg

My Little Sunshine, City Centre Mall, 300 Mystery Lake Road, Thompson
Newbee's, Harvest Plaza, 585 First St., Winkler
Valley's Edge, 342 Main Street, Manitou
Young & Trendy, Clearspring Centre, Steinbach


BeBe Trends
BumbleWee Nursing Wear
Elephant Shoe
Buggy Boo Baby
Nicetots (Singapore)
The Tiny Tot Company

Holly Clarke sure knows what she is doing. I have not reviewed anyone who is so widespread with the vendors that carry their products. It is amazing and you must check them out!!


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