Saturday, November 28, 2009

Vineyard Craft Sale a Success!!

I had a nice morning out at the Christmas Craft Sale. It was very busy and so many wonderful things to see. I actually only went with $10 and do not need any more Christmas gifts but I was still looking around for birthday, shower gifts, and other things for our family. I like taking it all in and then going home and thinking about what we need. If I go with $100 I will find things to buy. This craft show had some amazing artisans. A couple I reviewed here like The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe and Oldhat...both have things I NEED to buy for my children very soon. They both have early Spring birthdays so I can start putting things away after Christmas.

One artisan stood out above all in my books. She did not have a card so I am hoping that I have the name right because I wrote notes in a few places and now I have to rely on my terrible memory on which person sold which item. I believe it was Joy Eidse's beautiful quilts. I have sent her a message to be able to feature here soon and I will hopefully be able to share some photos of her amazing craft! She had this amazing quilt of the prairies where the wheat hand stitched just so that it stood out from the quilt and looked as though it could sway in the wind. The skies were had patterns stitched into it similar to Van Gogh's Starry Night. She hand died the fabrics and it looked like so much work.

I am a stickler for hand made kid things and knit wear so I was amazed at what was very happy at the booths. I am sure this sounds like a broken record but there were so many nice things. A few that I took notes on were:
Sweet Words
Dick & Jane
My Clementine
Natasha Boone Illustration
Annie's Knit Toddler Booties
Oma Mary & Etsy site
Heike Eidse Rags and Regalia
Bethany Miller's Crocheting
Jill Zurzolo Handmade Bags

Other Artists, Musicians, and Photographers:
Julia Mark & Jewels and Ghouls Etsy site
Chandra Kremski LA.KAI Design
Janelle Loewen
Ali Tataryn Jewelry
Matthew James Zylstra Sawatzky & Hope and Humanity in the Former Transkei Book
Robin Fehr
Kalyn Falk & Jase Falk - Vash Industry Leather Workers

There were many others and I apologize that I didn't get to mention everyone. I was a little under the weather today so I didn't have my 100% to give today. If I missed anyone or if you would like to be featured here feel free to email me a

I am pooped so that is all from me today. Goodnight everyone!!!

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Janelle said...

thank you so much for this list (and for the mention!) :) being at the craft show - there were many i wanted to check out - and now i have their names! thanks so much!