Wednesday, November 11, 2009

There is always time for High Tea

When my little girl was teenie tiny I used to have to walk everywhere with her in a sling. We got to know every garden in Wolseley, shopped at every local store, and made lots of local friends on these walks. One of the little shops I happened upon was High Tea Bakery. I love cookies but don't tend to shop for them because I am a fairly good cookie baker. I decided to cross Portage Avenue and pick myself up a treat one day on my way back from my baby group. I loved High Tea the minute I walked inside. It was small & cozy, smelled wonderful, and had showcase filled with nothing but cookies. I picked an imperial cookie, or what my friend Michael calls Storm Trooper cookies for all you Star Wars fans, and a couple other choices. I always buy imperial cookies because they are my favorite store bought cookie. I never make them and I even buy them when I know they are not very good just because they are imperial cookies. Let me tell you, these Storm Trooper cookies from High Tea Bakery were to DIE for. They made me come back and pick up a bunch more. I told the baker that I LOVED them and she said that they use butter while most don't and that is what makes them so good. Oh how I love butter. While she packed my order she had the gal to drop in an almond cookie for me to try on the house. I have to go there for their almond cookies too. She is like a dealer...getting me hooked on they sugary delights.

So, they get me hooked and then they pack up and leave Wolseley to a location by Assiniboine Park. I don't get there as often as I did but I do stop in with my little girl now and then. She has a cupcake store, toy store, and now a cookie store. She loves picking her cookie of the day and then we sit outside and munch.

That is my High Tea Bakery story but they do offer so much more than imperial & almond cookies. They create and decorate cookies to order. A rich woman who had a jet at the old air charter company that I worked at previously to having my kids had them make little airplane cookies with their aircraft identification letters on it. They were too cute and probably made an impression with her ritzy clients on board. High Tea also makes cupcakes, cakes, wedding cakes, and sell a variety of teas and other retail items. There are a lot of companies and bakeries that make decorative cookies but I promise you that they will not taste as good as High Teas. is the butter that makes them good! ;)

I warn anyone with a sever sugar addiction to stay clear of High Tea Bakery. It is too good and you will return and return and return.

All photos & logo given permission of use by High Tea Bakery.

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