Saturday, November 7, 2009

Paintings by Serena Wilson Stubson

I always like to know the life behind the art. I took an art history class in university but i found that just looking at art didn't do it for me. I want to know the history behind the artist. Serena Wilson Stubson is the artist behind the art at Heavens Earth. She has a great self description on her etsy site so instead of thinking it up on my own I am being lazy tonight and using hers.

"I'm a mixed media artist living in Winnipeg Manitoba, with my husband, baby boy, two dogs and a cat.

I've loved art all my life, but have never studied it professionally. I'm constantly inspired by the world around me, anything organic, life at twilight, fruits, flowers, weeds and living 'green' - yes, being green is very inspirational! A common element in my work is rich textures created through my own style of painted collage. I'm not afraid of color and can't seem to get enough of it in my paintings. I also incorporate a wide variety of printed, handmade, vintage and imported papers into my pieces. Aside from painted collage, I also have a passion for photography and can always be found with a camera of some sort on hand."

Serena's art can be viewed online.

Heavens Earth Etsy site:

Serena's blog:

My favorite part of Serena's bright coloured paintings are the textures. I love texture in art. It is one what made Van Gogh Van Gogh. I love that Serena experiments with different papers and canvases. She also makes art feel vintage when she makes it into pendants and magnets. I think her paintings would look lovely in so many of my friend's homes. It feels alive and organic (I do realize that both mean about the same thing but it is what I feel when I look at her work). She has made it easy to own her pieces by offering originals and prints. Have a look at her sites above and be prepared to smile at the energy in her work.

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Serena said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review! I love being featured with so many other talented locals :)