Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Check Out Manitoban Authors & Bookstores

I know this isn't really about handmade items but if you HAVE to purchase something this holiday season how about supporting some local talent big and small and heading over to McNally Robinson, Aqua Books, Neighborhood Bookstore and Cafe, or any of the other local bookstores and pick up a good read for your loved one. Ask a customer service person at any bookstore for their Manitoba authors available. Some selections that have made news and best read lists are:

I often visit The Neighborhood Bookstore & Cafe in Wolseley for used books and delicious cakes. I have heard that they have recently upped their menu and it is good!!!

I have a friend that cannot stop talking about Aqua Books and their thousands of used titles for under $10. They also have an AMAZING restaurant Eat! Bistro attached that specializes in small portion desserts and other art worthy dishes. My hubby has visited it recently and thought it was my kind of a place so I guess I will have to stop in soon! I don't get out much because I am too busy blogging and the such. ;) If I do end up at Eat! Bistro then I will update this post with all the yummies I sample. I love food so much that I should be a food critic and get paid to eat. What a dream that would be.

Another good bookstore/cafe is Mondragon Bookstore & Coffee Shop. They have a completely vegan menu and their vegan chocolate cake is worth the trip alone. I used to spend a lot of time there eating pupusas and drinking tea.

If music is more your thing there are so many talented musicians in Manitoba. I am not even going to try to list them all so you will have to do the hunting on that one. I do not have enough time in the day to list all the Manitoba music that is there for the taking.

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