Monday, November 30, 2009

Challenge is Complete

It was so much easier than I thought to feature 30 local artisans and businesses in 30 days. It was fun researching and visiting the local craft fairs in search of talented Manitobans. I will continue with this blog because I still have many people researched to feature and review not to mention many new ones to find. There are still a few craft fairs I am planning on visiting and I have artisans emailing me with their introductions. If you are an artisan or small business owner in Manitoba I would love to take a look at you. Email me at I know it is titled "handmade" but I am interested in looking at Manitoba's local market for all sorts of Manitoba made and grown companies. I have a few farmers to feature, restaurants, and many more local artisans. They just keep popping up and I am excited at what I am finding.

Other additions to this blog will be that I plan to review or feature specific local products instead of the artisan behind them. I also will be learning how to make hand made items and posting online tutorials so you can do it yourself too. It should be a fun place to keep checking back to.

My main goal for this blog is to show all my viewers that you do not need to shop at the major box stores. There is so much local goodness in Manitoba that you should be able to most items at small local stores or made by local Manitobans. Community support is so important in this world. We need to get out of our box and concentrate on how we can help the people that live in our neighborhood whether it is a local grocery, local farmers, our community shelters, and your even your neighbors. It is amazing how a meal made for a sick or grieving neighbor can change their spirit. You never know who needs you if do not get out and greet the people in your neighborhood.

My public statement is done today. ;) I feel a little Mr.Rogers like.

Have a good night!!


Kenzie Prudhomme said...

Wonderful job on the blog. I have enjoyed reading about all the treasures you have been finding! Thanks for the great work :)

lulu said...

Thank you Kenzie. I just need to slow down on it a bit so i can get some of my own Christmas projects done and maybe have time for my family on top of it. ;) I still have a bunch of artisans/businesses to do but I am not so pushed to do one every day. I love this blog and plan to keep it up!!