Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Joy Eidse's Beautiful Quilts

I promised that I would feature the woman from the Vinyard sale with the beautiful quilts and I found her. She is on Facebook and she has all of her quilts photographed and posted there. She explained to me some of the process. She had dyes some of the fabrics, machine stitches most of it and then hand stitches some of the details. I cannot figure out how she could machine stitch the different shapes on the quilts. She is a talented lady!! My favorite quilt is her prairie scene which she said took 50 hrs to make. She says she has no upcoming craft fairs but if you are interested in seeing them or purchasing one email her at joyeidse@mts.net or connect with her on Facebook.

These quilts need to be seen in person. The details are missed in the photographs. If you click on the quilts it will blow them up slightly.

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