Monday, December 14, 2009

The Creative Paper Gallery

The Creative Paper Gallery is on Corydon at Waterloo. It has a nice mix of cards, home essentials, and gift ideas. They have a cute drawn catalog that can be downloaded from their work in progress website. They have some pretty funny gift ideas along with their more typical gift store fare. I like a store with a sense of humor. Some of my favorite gift ideas for stocking stuffers would be:

I am pretty sure that I could have written the I Love You Perhaps I slept-wrote it under an alias. I am sometimes not the nicest wife around so my hubby has heard it all. Ugh. ;) Also, if any of my LOVING friends or family are looking for a gift for me I would totally dig the M-Cups.

The Creative Paper Gallery
1437 Corydon Avenue at Waterloo
Phone (204) 488-2585
Fax (204) 488-2867

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