Friday, December 11, 2009

Brave New World

Brave New World is one of my favorite stores in Winnipeg. I have been shopping here for years and it is probably the only store that I like shopping for clothes at. I HATE shopping which is why I prefer to buy handmade things and shop at small local stores. Brave New World has a wide variety of gift ideas: jewelery, clothing, bags, scarves & knitwear, sweat shop free shoes & clothes, incense & many other small gift ideas. I absolutely LOVE this place. Read on about how they purchase their clothes:

"Brave New World opened for business in May of 2001. We import clothing, jewellery, gifts and accessories from around the world. We also carry locally made products. The buyer for the shop goes directly to the source, shopping in the country where things are made, and visiting factories to ensure good working conditions.
Our two main suppliers are in Nepal and Thailand, and have small factories, consisting of between 10 and 25 employees, all adults (not children) of which some are very skilled and educated tailors.
All employees are paid above the minimum wage standard for each country, and the trained tailors and master cutters have quite well paying jobs by Nepal and Thailand standards.
One of our main focuses as consumers here at home and when buying for the store, is to buy from small businesses and individuals. We believe that ethical business extends much further than just fair trade practices in developing countries, and we strive to be honest, fair and moral in everything we do."
They are a very ethical minded store that carries original styles and great gifts for your loved ones from around the world.

Brave New World

141 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, Manitoba
(204) 774-4222

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safetyorange said...

<3 i lOVE this store! Hmm... that reminds me... I really should go there again one of these days ;)