Sunday, May 29, 2011

Handmade In Manitoba Vrs Handmade In Manitoba

Hi Folks.  I just wanted to do a post on who I am and who I am not.  My name is Jenn.  I live in Wolseley.  I have 2 little ones and a fabulous hubby.  I like to write and I love my community.  I actually do not craft....other than a little not so good sewing.  :) 

I have had a few people thinking I am Olivia from a brand new crafters list publication venture and Facebook page called Handmade In Manitoba.  I wrote about her new venture in an earlier post.  I just want all my readers and crafters whom I write about to know that I do this to help my community and because I like writing.  I do not have a business nor will I ever ask for money for advertising or reviews or give any information to anyone wanting to make money off the artisans I write about.  My mission is to get everyone to quit shopping at box stores for every little thing because there is so many awesome local artisans and artists.  Ideally I would like everyone to eat at local restaurants, buy food from local farmers and shops, and buy all they can locally.  Even supporting a small local store who sells worldly items is better than supporting the large box stores. 

I also have nothing against any of the new writers talking about local crafters.  I would love it if 100 people were because then that would mean that our local community is getting tighter and tighter.  The more free publicity the better.  I don't even have a problem with anyone making it a paid job to advertise local crafters.  Really, publicity is publicity but I just don't want anyone to think I have ulterior motives.  I am not connected with anyone.  It is just me.  :) 

Stella's Bakery Super Yummy Treats & Crafty Minions Likes

I have been looking for local brioche and I found it today at Stella's Bakery along with a loaf of marble rye.  I love living in Wolseley where it seems nearly everything is a bike ride away.  They have a showcase of all their delicious slices, cookies, and muffins and the window is filled with rustic looking loaves.  I bake bread in the winter but why do I when I have Stella's and Tall Grass minutes away?  I guess I am preparing in case we lose our mind and move to the suburbs.  ;)

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  I have had a fantastic weekend.  Firstly, the rain has pretty much stayed away.  Secondly,  I went to three church rummage sales yesterday sans kids.  Thirdly, I was the first person to walk into the Crafty Minions sale.  :)  I did buy my shirt from Lady Tees and ordered 2 more.  I bought Li (my girl) 3 pairs of earrings from Midkid: apples, birds, and hearts.  I also found a great vintage shirt for Li from Marathon 1981 or I should say her new Etsy shop named The Young Team, and a set of melmac plates for my deck from Bitchin' Kitsch'N'Kitchen.   Definitely a successful day.

This afternoon we biked to Stella's for bread and to Olmand's Creek to see if the lake has receded (it hasn't).  Tonight,  once our little mini ones are asleep, we get to sit on our deck and listen to the U2 concert.  :)  We have been hearing them practice and sound checks already.  Not a bad weekend I'd say.  Have a great week folks!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Made In Manitoba Facebook Page & More Handmade Communities

I came across a Facebook page dedicated to handmade Manitoba goods.  Have a peak at it:

I like that the handmade community is taking off.  The internet is such an awesome tool for finding and selling handmade things.  Pretty soon I will be obsolete since people love talking about our local treasures.  :) 

There is also a site that has started a pledge for those pumped about handmade things to only buy handmade goods for themselves and others and to also request to get only handmade gifts.  Along with the pledge everyone that has been commenting seems to have an Etsy site.  It may not be all local but if you can't find it in Manitoba I think it is still better to buy handmade off Etsy than shop for box store crud.  To learn more check it out here:

Of course there is also always my stand bye for new Manitoba made things:

If you know of any other good handmade community sites let me know and I will add them to the post.

Sew Darling Designs Baby and Toddler Custom Trendy Clothing

I love handmade children's clothes...especially little girl pillow case and apron dresses.  The fabrics used seem to be way ahead of the factory made clothes you can buy at the box stores.  I also like knowing that someone local made it with care and creativity as they pick the design, choose which fabrics will look great together, and then piece it together for a special little girl.  Sew Darling Designs uses awesome fabric that ranges from modern to classic and their designs are ageless.  Have a peak at their new Facebook site and contact them for a custom made outfit for a little girl in your life.  :)
"My mother and I teamed up to create baby and toddler custom trendy clothing. Made locally in   Winnipeg, MB.   We specialize in making custom trendy clothing for babies and tots. Shop from our ready-made dresses in our album, or you choose the fabric(s) from our selection and we create the rest!

We try to only carry a limited amount of each fabric (enough for 1-2 pieces.) We hope to bring you an alternative to the mass-produced and/or "name brand" children clothes, so your child can have a unique piece of clothing in their closet, locally made. "

Friday, May 20, 2011

What I am Shopping For at Crafty Minions

I am getting ahead of the game but I love planning so I tend to go to craft sales with a shopping list. :)  I really need some summer shirts so I am glad that Lady Tees will be there again.  I bought one long sleeve in December but I think I need tanks and short sleeves now.  I am also going to head to Marathon 1981 because she has such cute vintage kids clothes along with her great handmade items.  I got this little red sailor jacket from her last time.  The cutie is my niece.  ;)  Lastly I need to pick up a couple more pairs of earrings for my little girl from Midkid.  I bought her the cutest little roses at the last sale so I am going to snag a couple more pairs.  Maybe these cute little apples.

Is there anyone else excited about this sale?  :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Crafty Minions: The Handmade and Vintage Sale is May 28th

I just realized that I hadn't posted about this yet.  You all must know how much I like this sale.  It combines awesome handmade items with some vintage treasures...two things I love.  :)  They have a Facebook page about it if you want more details.  I definitely will be at this sale and this is who you will see there:

"One of Winnipeg's biggest indie craft sales features the city's hottest established and emerging crafty superstars including
Head in the Oven
Marathon 1981
Lady T. Tees
Papertrail Craft Co.
Mrs. Glockenheimen
Bitchin’ Kitsch ‘n’ Kitchen
Lori’s Vintage Purseonalities
Swai Design
Sew Dandee
CJ Tennant
Boomerang 360
Periwinkle Designs
Monkeys, Monsters & More
Everything Is Ticketyboo
Blackbird Bazaar
Echo Creations
Sea Caps

and more"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Carla Dyck's Photography

I had a very lazy day yesterday because I have a bit of a cold and was feeling lousy.  When I have time to play with I like to peak through the W.E.S.T. site to see what they are talking about lately and who is new to the group.  It is like a blog I follow.  :)  I was drawn to Carla Dyck's photography.  I love photography.  I dabble with it a bit as most people do but Carla has the talent and the eye.  Wow.  My husband told me that I am not allowed anymore tree art or photography in the house so I will have to ooh and aah over her's online.  ;)  I have chosen a few of my favourites to show here but you have to hop on her Etsy site and see her amazing range with her style, editing, and her subjects.   This is how Carla describes herself:

"I love beauty.  Finding it in the ordinary is always sweet and often abundant. In order to find it, I need open eyes and a softened heart.

My work tends to have a source of strength, usually linear, a sense of simplicity, often in the number of colours present, and invariably a little bit of chaos.  This is life.  My strength is my faith.  My simplicity is my lifestyle.  My chaos is life's twists and turns."

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spring Trend is Definitely Feathers

Over the last year I have seen more and more feathers around.  My friend Christy is getting married this summer and the only dress code is feathers.  :)  Around Christmas I bought a beautiful peacock feather headband at the R.Steen Craft Sale and I love it.  My friend was wearing a feather earring this weekend and it reminded me of Branches and Feathers.  If you are looking for feathers it will not be hard to find.  I know there are a couple other crafters using feathers on W.E.S.T.  lately so peruse there before you hunt the stores.  This is what Branches and Feathers says of her creations:

"Ever since I can remember birds and the prairie sky have fascinated me. My feather earrings are a way to connect to the beauty of all birds and the big sky of the Canadian prairies.

Touch the sky and rest in the branches with my feather creations" 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Handmade in Manitoba Directory - New Craft Publication

Olivia contacted me a couple of weeks ago because her new publication, The Handmade In Manitoba Directory, is obviously very similar to the name of my blog.  We are not affiliated at all but she is starting a business promoting local crafters so I of course would like to give her any support I can.  I will let Olivia explain her new publication in her own words:

"Are you looking for ways to advertise your home based business? Looking to reach other crafters in your area? Searching for a way to advertise to your target market? Finally, here is the perfect way you can do all that and more. 
The Handmade in Manitoba Directory will be a one stop place for everyone in the craft industry in Manitoba including Artisans, Gift Shops and Craft Fairs.
Everything you need and everyone you need to reach will be right here in a directory where you can find it, and most importantly where others can find you.

My name is Olivia and I am the producer of the new Handmade in Manitoba Directory.
After starting out in the craft business making crochet items among other things I was having such a hard time finding where to even begin selling my items, where to attend craft events and how to make contact with those looking to purchase handmade items.

Not being able to find any sort of conclusive list I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands and create The Handmade in Manitoba Directory.

This complimentary directory will be easily accessible in a variety of locations all over Manitoba including craft fairs and tourist destinations to help direct people to local sources for their purchases. It will be quite extensive, advertising Artisans and Businesses that sell Handmade in Manitoba items and will include Gift Shops, Craft fairs and Farmers Markets.

Not just your regular yellow pages, The Handmade Directory will be vibrant with a cozy, crafty feel, and inviting with excellent design and graphics. This will easily direct customers to the purchase they are looking for.

I want to offer you the opportunity to advertise in a targeted way that will bring customers to you. When customers are looking to buy handmade products there’s no better way to advertise than through a directory. Your customers will have access to your business information 24/7 at an affordable rate for you. You won’t be interrupting them, they will be looking for you.

To advertise with us you are required to either make your own items in Manitoba, or sell items that are handmade in Manitoba.

The Handmade Directory will run from September 2011 to August 2012, the perfect time to gear up for fall festivals! As this is our first year running we have made the fees very affordable, with 15% off we guarantee you won’t be able to find a better advertising route for your business. Ads for a full year starting at just $127.50. Be sure to book your ad by July 1st. Please contact me for rates and to see a sample copy!

Also, please let me know if you would like to distribute the Handmade in Manitoba Directory at your Business or Event.
-------------------------List your event for only $25!---------------------

We are also looking for crochet patterns, embroidery patterns etc created by Manitobans to feature in The Handmade in Manitoba Directory and pictures that were taken in Manitoba, if you have anything you have made yourself or know of anyone who would be interested in that. I would love pictures of craft booths for the front page especially. 

Thanks so much for your time, I look forward to hearing from you!"

Olivia Boyce
The Handmade in Manitoba Directory

My Choice For Mother's Day Supper: Boon Burger & Zax

I love living where I do.  It is just a short distance from so much delicious food choices.  Today I didn't have to cook all day.  My Hubby made breakfast and lunch.  My request for supper was Boon Burger's Thanksgiving Burger and french fries from Zax Drive Inn.  Boon has quite the following already so I probably do not have to go into too much details for them.  Boon Burger specializes in delicious vegan burgers.  My choice today had yams and cranberry sauce on top and gravy to dip it in.  It was of course super and very different than most veggie burgers.  The burger itself was light and soft.

Zax Drive Inn used to be Wall Street Drive Inn and before that Burger Factory.  It is actually about as opposite as you can get to Boon Burger.  It can be described in two words meat and fried.  With that said....they make the best fresh cut fries in town.  I know fries because being a vegetarian it is often the only thing I can get at fast food places.  :)  Zax's are not soggy like most fresh cut fries are.  They are crispy and soft on the inside.  They must have their oil at the perfect temperature.  Doused with vinegar they are awesome paired with my healthier burger choice.  :)  Boon has fries too and they are healthier and yummy too but I had been craving a little grease all week.   My hubby is a meat eater so he had a burger from Zax and they kids shared a milk shake too.  It was an awesome meal with two varieties of comfort food.  Thanks Wolseley.  :)

One more thing new to Boon.....vegan soft serve ice cream.  Next time I am in the area I am stopping in to give it a try.

Boon Burger Cafe
79 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B2
(204) 415-1391

Zax Drive Inn
1184 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0T4