Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Spring Trend is Definitely Feathers

Over the last year I have seen more and more feathers around.  My friend Christy is getting married this summer and the only dress code is feathers.  :)  Around Christmas I bought a beautiful peacock feather headband at the R.Steen Craft Sale and I love it.  My friend was wearing a feather earring this weekend and it reminded me of Branches and Feathers.  If you are looking for feathers it will not be hard to find.  I know there are a couple other crafters using feathers on W.E.S.T.  lately so peruse there before you hunt the stores.  This is what Branches and Feathers says of her creations:

"Ever since I can remember birds and the prairie sky have fascinated me. My feather earrings are a way to connect to the beauty of all birds and the big sky of the Canadian prairies.

Touch the sky and rest in the branches with my feather creations" 

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