Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Choice For Mother's Day Supper: Boon Burger & Zax

I love living where I do.  It is just a short distance from so much delicious food choices.  Today I didn't have to cook all day.  My Hubby made breakfast and lunch.  My request for supper was Boon Burger's Thanksgiving Burger and french fries from Zax Drive Inn.  Boon has quite the following already so I probably do not have to go into too much details for them.  Boon Burger specializes in delicious vegan burgers.  My choice today had yams and cranberry sauce on top and gravy to dip it in.  It was of course super and very different than most veggie burgers.  The burger itself was light and soft.

Zax Drive Inn used to be Wall Street Drive Inn and before that Burger Factory.  It is actually about as opposite as you can get to Boon Burger.  It can be described in two words meat and fried.  With that said....they make the best fresh cut fries in town.  I know fries because being a vegetarian it is often the only thing I can get at fast food places.  :)  Zax's are not soggy like most fresh cut fries are.  They are crispy and soft on the inside.  They must have their oil at the perfect temperature.  Doused with vinegar they are awesome paired with my healthier burger choice.  :)  Boon has fries too and they are healthier and yummy too but I had been craving a little grease all week.   My hubby is a meat eater so he had a burger from Zax and they kids shared a milk shake too.  It was an awesome meal with two varieties of comfort food.  Thanks Wolseley.  :)

One more thing new to Boon.....vegan soft serve ice cream.  Next time I am in the area I am stopping in to give it a try.

Boon Burger Cafe
79 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg, MB R3C 2B2
(204) 415-1391

Zax Drive Inn
1184 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0T4

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