Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas Readers!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all you out there!!  I hope you are riding a gentle slope up to Christmas and not letting it get the better of you.  I know that holidays, especially Christmas, can be very busy with so much planning and work to do.  Enjoy celebrating with family and friends and I will be back after the holidays!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Cloverleaf Art & Fibre's Learn To Spin Workshop Coming In February

Cloverleaf Art & Fibre and Joanne Seiff present a class:

Learn to Spin!  

Taught by Joanne Seiff*
Handspinning with a spindle is an ancient craft that is still important even today.  Everyone in a household, including children as young as four, used to help spin yarn that clothed the family and kept them warm!  Join Joanne and learn a bit about wool and learn to use a handspindle to make your own yarn.  When you leave this class, you’ll own a spindle, some practice wool, and you’ll be able to practice spinning at home.

Note: This class is all you’ll need to begin spinning.  It’s also a great introduction to the skills you’ll need if you decide to learn to spin on a spinning wheel.

When: February 13th from 1:30-4:30 pm     
Where: Henderson Library
1-1050 Henderson Highway, Winnipeg, MB
Cost: $60
This includes: a $30 materials fee for a beginner’s spindle, wool, room fee and other materials & a $30 class fee per person

Spaces are Limited! Register by February 6th to reserve your spot!

Please phone Margaret of Cloverleaf Art & Fibre at 231-4321

Want to stock up on fibery goodness while you learn?  Cloverleaf Art & Fibre will bring a selection of Shetland wool fleece, roving and art straight from their lovingly raised Shetland flock!  Also purchase signed copies of Joanne’s books as well as other goodies…all while learning to spin in a friendly, hands-on environment.

*About the Instructor:
Joanne Seiff is the author of Fiber Gathering, a book about fiber festivals, and Knit Green: 20 Projects and Ideas for Sustainability.  She’s been spinning for over 25 years-- and knitting longer than that!  Her handspun yarn and fiber art has been sold in galleries and won awards at state fairs and in art competitions.  She teaches throughout North America at sheep shows, fiber festivals, and yarn shops. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Little Furniture On The Prairie

Susan Hiebert makes beautiful kids tables and chairs, toy boxes, growth charts, glass block lamps, and much more. She works out of Portage La Prairie and her business is called Something Crafty.  I was happy that she fell into my lap because there are very few crafters that make furniture.  I think I have only featured a few over the last year.  Susan makes beautiful pieces and they are hand painted to make any little girl or boy very happy.  Have a look at her Facebook page for photo albums of all her work and shop her Etsy site too. 

Susan Hiebert

Sunday, December 12, 2010

1 More Shopping Weekend: Oh Has This Month Flown By!!! I have two more craft sales before Christmas.  Then it is probably all over until Spring.  Have a happy Christmas or Hanukka.  I hope you are all safe and get to spend some good quality time with your families!  Peace be with you wherever you are and we will chat again soon.  :)

Anarchist Craft Show
Friday, December 17th (5pm-11:30pm)
Saturday, December 18th (1pm-11:30pm)
West End Cultural Centre

Crystal Nykoluk Ceramics

December 19th, 2010 (2pm-8pm)
741 McMillan

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

2 Weekends of Shopping Until Christmas: The Last Chance Events

I know I said I was tuckered out with craft sales but I know many of you probably are not the early shopper that I am.  If you have a list that you are checking twice I am sure you will see some gaps you are trying to fill.  Craft sales are a great place to find that perfect gift for the hard to buy person, baking for your Christmas events, Christmas and other holiday cards, or even just a warm pair of socks or a scarf to keep you warm over the winter.  I went to the Last Chance Craft Sale last year and it was good.  All handmade things and 100 tables all in one, warm location.  Here some more sales that you can pop into this weekend.  Have fun and if you see anything good email me the details to

Montrose School Craft Sale
Saturday, December 11th, 2010 (9am-4pm)
Located between Elm St. and Montrose St. on Grant Ave.

Christmas Gift Show
UCT Pavillion - Keystone Centre
Brandon, MB
Dec. 11 10am - 8pm
Dec. 12 10am - 5pm

Valley Gardens Community Centre Craft Sale
December 11th, 2010
218 Antrim Road

Last Chance Craft Sale
Sunday, December 12th, 2010 (11am-5pm)
Club Regent
1415 Regent Ave W
Items must be handmade. 2 Floors with over 100 crafters.

Crystal Nykoluk Ceramics Art Show and Sale

Crystal Nykoluk graduated in 2008 from the University of Manitoba Fine Arts Department with an Honors Degree in Ceramics.  Her ceramics have a cozy earthy feel because she finds inspiration in nature.   Each piece is functional and very much a work of art.  Crystal is having an art show and sale on December 19th, 2010 at 741 McMillan from 2pm-8pm.  It will be a very cozy atmosphere to showcase all her ceramic art.  Along with Crystal and her art, Michael Cann & Kurt Wood will be found playing some music for the shoppers.  Have a peak at her website below for more info and photos of her ceramics.  Crystal describes her style:

"I build all my work using soft slabs of clay and also sometimes using molds.   I really enjoy making abstract textures using clay, and I incorporate this element into all my work as well.  No two objects I make are ever identical!  I get much inspiration from simply observing the world as I go through it.  The way frost plays out on a window, the grain of wood as it runs around knots in a tree, cracked soil, and broken rock.  My work is wood-fired.  To be able to wood-fire I depend on the generosity of friends who have wood-burning kilns.  I also fire in a small electric kiln out at my studio in Anola Manitoba.

I really believe that you get out of life what you put into it.  A life surrounded by handmade objects is a way of soothing the soul and satisfying your right to be individual.  We need to show the world we care about what we own.  We care where it comes from and we care about ourselves!"

Crystal Nykoluk Ceramics

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Busy Weekend For Cool Craft

I did get to the Crafty Minions and This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale this weekend.  Both were good and unique in their own ways.  I didn't buy much but I did grab a few cards for later purchases.  I ended up getting vintage goodies at the Crafty Minions and tonight at the Park Theatre I bought a t-shirt.  I think I have been to a few too many craft sales this year because I have seen a lot of repeat crafters/artisans.  :)   I am sure that I see some artisans more than most of my friends and family (Marathon 1981 and Just The Goods forsure).   I now need to work on my neglected relationships so I am done for craft sales for 2010.  I have many crafters to write about in the future so keep a peak here now and then.  I am not dying here just hanging up my shopping bag for a while. :) 

I will also keep posting about sales if anyone emails me about ones I have missed and I am always glad to post about a new or old artisan so keep emailing me your details to

Night Night.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Urban Peasant's Great Canadian Neck Hugging Jewelry

Kris of Urban Peasant was at the Vineyard Craft Sale this year so I got to see her northern version of a necklace: a necklace with a purpose which is to keep our tender necks WARM!  :D  I am sure that in due time Americans will talk about Kris's jewelery as another Canadian cliche among the fur hats, Sorrel boots, Mounties, beavers, igloos, and loons.  :)  Only Canada would have knit necklaces.  As one of Kris's customers smartly remarked, "It's the perfect Canadian jewelry!"  And it IS!  They are very urban, very now, and very cool!  It is neckware that gets noticed, it will get comments, and will be adored by all your friends.  Americans would be LUCKY to have such a glorious piece of clothing but unfortunately they are not cool enough, in more ways then one.  

I am a bit on the goofy side today.  We had a good day around here and the kids are asleep!! Yey!  I actually have been playing around with a finger knitter since I was a kid.  My Grandma made me my first one on a wooden thread spool.  I mainly made finger puppets, coasters, and hot pads for the kitchen.  I wanted to knit one so long that I could make a rug but I am very much an idea girl and not a finisher so it ended up as another hot pad.  Kris seems to be both and idea woman and a finisher so she came up with this brilliant neck jewelry and I did not.  ;)  She sent me a great bio on who she is and how she got to making this very interesting neckware so I will leave it to her now.  Read all about her and her great Canadian necklaces.  :)
"Urban Peasant started out, true to it's name, as a project for car rides from Winnipeg to the farm our family lived and worked on for a season last year. I wanted to find something to occupy the kids during the almost hour commute back and forth between the farm and city, and I found finger knitting online. I read the instructions, purchased a skein of cotton/bamboo blend yarn and set off in the car to the farm with the intent on figuring it out by the time we got there. When we arrived, I indeed had a super long chain knit up and no clue what to do with it. I somehow decided to wrap it around my neck, probably just as a way to carry it in to the barn while juggling bags, kids, groceries, etc. When I eventually looked in the mirror, I realized it actually looked cool! And my neckwear was born.

That year at the Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Craft Sale, I brought about 8-10 of them and sold out of them before the first half of the sale went by. So, this year I came back to the WCV Craft Sale and they were quite popular again. I've had several orders this week already and am excited to see where Urban Peasant will go! I designed some product packaging, business cards, a website and I'm working on my Etsy store this week. 

Urban Pesasant's neckwear is hand-knitted from natural fibres, this season featuring fair trade organic cotton, undyed eco alpaca, and hand dyed merino and corriedale wool in gorgeous colourways. The neckwear looks great on men and women and can be worn as a cowl or more like a necklace, depending on the weather and preference. I like to wear mine as a cowl while I'm out in the cold Winnipeg winter weather, and then unloop it once I'm indoors to wear it more like jewelry. 

Our tagline is "Turning nature's fibers into urban wear".   

Check out some of our neckwear at and visit us on Etsy in the coming weeks under the shop name Urban Peasant Goods. Prices range from $12-60 depending on size and type of yarn. Custom orders welcome!"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

3 Weekends of Shopping Until Christmas: Less Than A Month To Go

I know I seem a little gift orientated with these 5,4,3 weekends of shopping left but I do actually love giving gifts...especially to kids.  Gift giving does not have to be this huge materialistic craze that everyone loaths.  I know what my kids truly want and they get that.  I just try to keep the rest of the junk out of the house.  Even a $100 gift can be junk if no one plays with it.  We give ideas to family who do buy gifts and we encourage imaginative play.  I think we are so worried that buying gifts is bad but it really can be a way of celebrating together.  It shows that you are paying attention to your child when you find the perfect gift for them.  We have to remember that kids are made to roam.  They are meant to be crazy, curious, run around, and play make believe.  Times are different then when our parents were kids.  Our small kids will not be running the streets unsupervised sowing their oats and letting their crazies out.  So to find the right toys, shows, and books to channel their energy is necessary in a mostly indoor life.  Around here we spend hours outside from Spring to Fall but when the cold blows in we end up inside most of the time.  We have many friends to play with but that still requires activities or toys.  I am thankful for the toys we have and we get rid of the toys that don't get used.
There...that's my preaching of the day.  ;) Gifts are good.  With that all is where YOU should be this week:

Tomorrow's: Great West Life
Wednesday, December 1st (11am-1pm)
Crafty Minions: The Handmade & Vintage Sale
Sat, Dec. 4th, 2010 (11am-5pm)
Aqua Books
274 Garry St

Springs Christian Academy Craft Sale
Saturday, Dec. 4th (10am-4pm)
Springs Church
595 Lagimodiere Blvd

Pinawa Winter Town Market
December 4th, 2010 (10am -3pm)
Community Centre in Pinawa Secondary School

11th Annual Christmas Craft and Bake Sale at Miles Macdonell Collegiate
Saturday, December 4th, 2010 (10am-3pm)
757 Roch Street

Paws for the Season at the Humane Society
Sunday, December 5th, 2010 (12pm-5pm)

This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Show
December 5th, 2010 (6pm-10pm)
Park Theatre, (South) 698 Osborne St

Tuxedo Community Club Holiday Craft Sale
December 5th, 2010 (10am-3pm)
368 Southport Blvd
3 Buildings of Crafters!!

I am trying to get to the Crafty Minions because I LOVE vintage clothes and housewares as well as possibly the This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Show because I missed last weekend's sale with the Manitoba Craft Council Sale.  I have visited quite a few sales this season so I am tuckering out slightly and my Christmas gifts have all been bought.  :)  So if anyone has a report on any sale please email it to me and I will be happy to post it.  I'd love to hear which crafters blew your mind, what you bought, and any other craft sale stories.   Email me at

Monday, November 29, 2010

Decadence Chocolates Offers Free Delivery For Holiday Season

Helen Staines, Chocolatier of Decadence Chocolates, is someone new that I met at the Vineyard Craft Sale.  Her table that was topped with beautifully decorated belgian chocolates.  It was an easy stop for my wallet and I.  She had boxes of cocoa butter decorated chocolates, large chocolate bars, gift baskets with treats and chocolate dip, and little tin foil wrapped chocolates for the tree.  The chocolate tree decorations were my pick.  They did look pretty on the tree for about a day until the kids realized they were chocolates and they have been plucking them off one by one.  I have to admit, I too have been stealing them.  I am not sure if there are any left.  :(

Decadence Chocolates is offering free delivery on Winnipeg orders over $25 for the holiday season.  She also can be found at a few more craft sales this season:

 College Jeanne Sauve Craft Sale
December 4th, 2010 (10am-3pm)
1128 Dakota St

Tuxedo Community Centre Craft Sale
December 5th, 2010 (10am-3pm)
368 Southport

Montrose School Craft Sale
December 11th, 2010 (9am-4pm)
Between Elm and Montrose on Grant
Last Chance Craft Sale
December 12th, 2010 (11am-5pm)
Club Regent
1415 Regent Ave W

Decadence Chocolates can also be found at these Winnipeg shops:

Chocolate Zen
553 Osborne Street S

Joe Black Coffee Bar
2037 Portage Ave (By Assiniboine Park)

Decadence Chocolates 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet Sparrow's Making Pocket Diapers Locally

Sweet Sparrow is a Mom and Daughter duo sewing diapers, wipes, and wet bags out of Morden.  They have perfected the pocket diaper with a combination of soft bamboo fleece that is naturally antibacterial and soft for sensitive skin, a laminated polyester outer layer to keep clothes dry, and a tri-fold insert that has one super soft layer of moisture-wicking bamboo fleece and one side absorbent microfiber.  The bamboo fleece is safe to put next to the babies skin and the microfibre locks the moisture inside and away from baby.  They also are using a one sized design that allows a snug fit regardless if you baby is a newborn, long, short, chubby, or lean with four rise and four waist settings.

Along with their diapers they sell large cloth wipes and wet bags made to store in your bag for diaper changes or other wet items.

I know there are many diaper companies out there but again it is very easy to shop local for the same or less money.  The diaper makers I know here have children.  They have tested them on their own kiddos and have found them the best design for baby's comfort. 

Sweet Sparrow

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today's Vineyard Craft Sale

Wow was it a good sale!  I ended up only able to go to one sale because I promised my kids that I would be home by lunch to put the tree up.  We chose the Vineyard Sale over the Manitoba Craft Council Sale only because I was meeting a couple crafters there.  Both I really wanted to get to.  I am sad that I missed the MCC one but I do look forward to the This Ain't You Grandma's Craft Sale coming up soon.  :)

I only have a couple minutes to write today so I will do a longer feature in a couple days on who I saw at today's sale and post about some crafters that I haven't featured before but we were very impressed with.  This craft sale reminded me again of a large Etsy site come to life.  ;)  The goods made were unique and beautifully done.  Those who knit, crocheted, & sewed made new styles including elf pointed, tasseled, home made buttons, neck muffs, wrist bands, and other creative designs.  The jewelry was made with fabrics, leather, clay, feathers, and more.  Children's items were classy, kitsch, trend setting, and cute.  Art ranged from beautiful hand stitched quilted pieces, to nature inspired photography, to hand painted butterflies, metal or cloth wall hangings, to modern and edgy drawings, images, and photography.  With that all said the prices were right too.  Pottery pieces starting at $5 each, knitwear for $10-$20, art pieces for $20 - $50, handmade chocolates for a few dollars.  The sale coordinators really do a fabulous job promoting and getting the right crafters for this sale each year.  Congrats to the Vineyard Church and this years craft sale!  The place was rocking so I am sure they, along with the crafters, made the money they needed.  :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone Needs Soap But Does Your Soap Make You Shiver?

It is not due to my obsession with soap that I am featuring another soap maker.  I really do think there can't be too many soap makers around.  There is absolutely NO reason to use a harsh terrible soap like Zest, Irish Spring, or even a whoosy soap like Ivory.  :)  I would be very very happy if every one of you would buy one bar of soap from a craft sale this season.  It will change you.  ;) off with my soap banter and onto the good stuff.  Shiver Soaps is my soap maker of the week and I plan to buy a bar or two from her this weekend at the Vineyard sale.  Sheila Terra of Shiver Soaps has a soap passion and she describes it on her blog:

"Shiver Soaps are uniquely handmade, no two batches are alike. For me, making soap is a passion before it is a business. I use organic and natural ingredients and price my soaps fairly. Natural products should be accessible to all........ everyone needs soap but does your soap make you shiver?"

Sheila has large variety of yummy soaps for you to try:
-bamboo scrub
-citrus spice
-Cocoa HoHo
-Coconut Confetti
-Beer and Lemongrass
-Grapefruit Splash
-Hemp, Shea and Loofah
-Lite Spiced Beer
-Dingo Ate My Baby (South Australian Shiraz, hemp oil and beer confetti)
-naked ladies (literally)
-Fight Club soap
-Coffee and Tea Tree
-Castile unscented
-lavender and chocolate
-red wine marble
-tangerine chocolate

Shiver Soaps can be found at many craft sales this season so have a sniff at her table and give one or six a try. :)
Manitoba Craft Council's Handmade Holiday Sale at the West End Cultural Center
Friday November 26  5pm - 10pm
Vineyard Art and Craft Fair
Saturday November 27 10am - 4pm
782 Main Street
Tuxedo Community Centre Craft Sale
Sunday Dec 5 10am - 3pm
I will be in the lawn bowling building.

Anarchist Craft Show at the West End Cultural Centre
Friday Dec 17 5pm-11:30pm
Saturday Dec18 1pm - 11:30pm

Beautiful Mercy and Other Works Art Show

Saint Benedict's Table presents Beautiful Mercy and Other Works Art Show and Music Launch happening December 2nd until the 4th. The opening reception happens December 2nd from 7:00-9:30pm. The Exhibition is open December 3rd from 12-7pm, and December 4th from 1-4pm.  The show is located inside the Exchange Church at 200-75 Albert Street.  

Here is a link to their site:

And here is some info about the event:

"An exhibit of the art of our community."

"Earlier this year, we published Beautiful Mercy, a unique collection of art, writing and music produced by a wide array of members and friends of Saint Benedict’s Table. We thought it would be a good thing to host an art exhibit featuring many of the visual pieces from this book, along with other works by people from the Saint Benedict’s Table circle.

And because Beautiful Mercy includes a CD of original music, it just made sense to incorporate a concert into the exhibit, so on Friday December 3 we’ll be holding the official launch for the new CD by Mike Koop’s Multitude of Sins. The evening kicks off at 8:00pm with an opening set by Alana Levandoski, followed by a fully “plugged in” set by Mike and the band. Admission is only $10 (or $25 including a copy of the CD)."

Monday, November 22, 2010

4 Weekends of Shopping Until Christmas: So Get Moving! :)

This weekend coming up has a couple craft sales I have been looking forward too.  Whether I can get to both I don't know but I will try my darndest.  I would like to get to the Manitoba Craft Council Handmade Holiday Sale and the Vineyard Craft Sale.  I wish the MCCHHS would start earlier Friday because I have plans Friday night so I will have to do both Saturday.  I wonder if they will change it for me.  ;)

Here's what's happening.  If you know of any I have missed please let me know and I will add it to the list.

Manitoba Craft Council Handmade Holiday Sale
Friday, Nov. 26th (5pm-10pm)
Saturday, Nov. 27th (10am-4pm)
581 Ellice St
West End Cultural Centre

LITE Wild Blueberry Pancake Breakfast & Craft Fair Fundraiser
November 26th, 2010 (7am-10am)
Indian and Metis Friendship Centre
45 Robinson, at Dufferin
Tickets are $12, $5 for low-income earners and free for children under 12 years, and can be purchased at all Assiniboine Credit Union Locations, at the LITE office (942-8578), or at the door at the Breakfast.

Vineyard Craft Sale
Saturday, Nov 27th (10am - 4pm)
782 Main street
For table info contact Chandra:

MCC Craft & Bake Sale
November 27th
10,000 Villages
134 Plaza Drive

Christmas Craft Sale (Homemade & Homebaked Crafts Only)
November 27th, 2010 (10am-3pm)
Seven Sisters Falls Community Club
53 Elizabeth Cresent
St. Norbert Y Neighbours
November 27th, 2010 (10am-3pm)
Eagles Club in St. Norbert
3459 Pembina Hwy

St.James Y-Neighbors Christmas Craft Sale
November 27th, 2010 (9am-3pm)
Maranatha Evangelical Free Church
910 Sturgeon Road

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What I Fancied Today At The Creative Collection Craft Sale

PU Toes corduroy dress for my little girl
This craft sale was pretty great.  As Lori from Sling Sisters pointed out it was a show for the Manitoba Etsy Sites.  Most tables were very different and I could have spent hundreds of dollars.  I resisted some of the gravitational pull being released by many of the tables but I still spent more than I had planned.  This is a very good thing.  :)

I bought a couple of gifts for the kiddos and my Just The Goods bath melts and sugar scrub.  I also bought four cupcakes that were delicious but we ate them so fast that I didn't get a photo.  Do you really want to sit at home looking at a photo of a cupcake?  That is just not fair for any of you who didn't get to munch one today.  ;)

Tasha's Soaps n' Stuff animal soaps for the kids and my niece.  Belt Clips by Snugglewunkins for my little girl who has absolutely no butt or hips to keep her pants up.  :)

 My Just The Goods fix: Bath Melts & Sugar Scrub.
"It's a Man's World and You Can Have It" card by Rebecca Hadfield of Zenbecca
Where to find the artisans above:

PU Toes - baby shoes and baby to preschool clothes

Tasha's Soaps n' Stuff - animal and freezer pop soaps

Snugglywunkins - lots of kid stuff

Just The Goods - bath and skin care

Zenbecca - pins, shirts, cards, and more  

Other tables that got my interest but not my money this time were:

JLP Designs - jewellery

Monkey Business Card Company - i liked the monkeys

Love Bug Creations - awesome felt food
(204) 779-2249

Prairie Wire Designs - wire wrapped jewellery

Heaven's Earth - art, jewellery, bean bags, and broaches

TuTu Pretty - tutus for babes, kids, and dolls

Manic Mittens - baby, children's, and adult accessories, tutus, and more

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Constance Popp Chocolatier at Signature's Craft Show This Weekend

Constance Popp is iconic with her chocolate moulding and designs.  Her beautiful Christmas chocolates are sure to impress anyone you know.  Choose her chocolates this season for gifts, stocking stuffers, or a dining room centerpiece.

Stop in at her artisan chocolate shop at 1853 Portage Ave or visit her at the Signature's Craft Show this weekend at the Convention Centre .

Constance Popp Chocolatier
1853 Portage Ave
(204) 897-0689

Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Artisans Are Whipping Up Dessert Soaps For The Creative Collection Craft Fair

I have recently posted about Just the Goods who will be at the Crescentwood Community Centre Craft Sale Sunday.  She is the Bath & Body Queen but there will be two bar soap makers at the sale.  There are very few things I like better than a good bar of soap.  As I have stated before...there are squirt soap people and bar soap people and I am the latter.  Tasha Soaps and Spa Cakes brings the fun into bathing with delicious dessert looking soaps.  They have fun soap pops, cake slices, and more tasty treats that look good enough to eat.  Also, Tasha Soaps makes fun rubber duck soaps and other squeaky fun toys that will make your kiddo want to wash up.  Have a peak at the photos below and their websites to see what they are all about.  

Tasha Soaps

Spa Cakes

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Little Bit of Paper's Christmas Cards at Craft Sale This Weekend

If you are planning to head to Hallmark or a department store for your Christmas cards this year you may want to rethink that and get handmade cards instead.  A Little Bit of Paper and her handmade Christmas cards can be found at the Crescentwood Craft Sale this weekend. 

Even if you can't make it to this sale most craft sales at this time of year do have a handmade card creator and from fifty cents to a few dollars you can get a beautiful unique card.  You can also choose a different one for each loved one rather then buying a box set at the departments store.  Here is a peak at what A Little Bit of Paper has been up to this month.  If you like what you see head over the Crescentwood Community Centre Sunday to pick up your cards this season. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Brandon's 8th Annual Riverbank Christmas Craft Sale

Dawn Riddle from Brandon Riverbank Inc., a non-profit, charitable organization emailed me today about their craft sale this weekend.  They are holding their 8th Annual Riverbank Christmas Craft Sale.

The sale is exclusively handmade items including La Doll-ce Vita by Genevieve, Whimsical Creations by Olivia, alpaca products, jewellery, baking, preserves, chocolates, ornaments, art, moccasins, juggling sticks, wallets, coasters, soaps, dog coats and accessories and so much more!

Here are the details about the sale.  I hope it is a success!

The Riverbank Discovery Centre ~
8th Annual Christmas Craft Sale
Saturday, November 20th (10am-3pm)
545 Conservation Drive, Brandon
FREE admission

Monday, November 15, 2010

Heavens Earth's Musings At Craft Fair This Weekend

Serena & her creative musings will be at the Creative Collection Craft Fair at the Crescentwood Community Centre this weekend.  She has been working hard and has a teaser on her Facebook page about what she will have available.  Here's the link to her Facebook page for the sale:!/event.php?eid=119379804754796

If you are a fan you can keep track of her 365 days a year on Facebook, Etsy, and her Blog:

I can't wait to see her table this weekend. :)

5 Weekends of Shopping Until Christmas: Where To Go?

This weekend is one of the busiest weekends for craft shows this year so get out and have some fun!

Signature Craft Show
November 18th-21st, 2010
Winnipeg Convention Centre

Manitoba Hydro Building
Portage Ave
Friday, November 19th from (12pm-6pm)
Saturday, November 20th from (9am-4pm)

Northgate Shopping Centre Christmas Craft Sale
November 19th-21st
1399 McPhillips St

15th Annual Christmas Craft Sale
John Pritchard School
Saturday, November 20th, 2010 (930am-3pm)
1490 Henderson Highway
Free admission.

Earl Grey Craft Sale & Flee Market
November 20th, 2010 (9am-3pm)
Earl Grey Community Centre
360 Cockburn St. N

Christmas Craft Sale & Trade Show
November 20th, 2010 (10am-6pm)
Heritage Victoria Community Club
Sturgeon Road

Transcona Craft & Bake Sale
November 20th, 2010 (10am-4pm)
505 Brewster Street

Lac du Bonnet Craft & Gift Sale
Saturday November 20th (10am - 4pm)

Creative Collection Craft Sale
Sunday, Nov 21st, 2010 (10am-4pm)
Crescentwood Community Center
1170 Corydon Ave

Chalmers Community Centre Craft sale
November 20th, 2010

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Where I'll Be Next Weekend

There are two craft fairs that I am going to try my best to get to next weekend:  Earl Grey Craft Sale & Flee Market, November 20th, 2010 (9am-3pm) at the Earl Grey Community Centre (360 Cockburn St. N) and Creative Collection Craft Sale, Sunday, Nov 21st, 2010 (10am-4pm) at the Crescentwood Community Center (1170 Corydon Ave). 

I have information on the Creative Collection Craft Sale that I cut from their Facebook page.  It is great because it lists all the artisans at the sale.  Have a peak below or get more info from:

Photos show from: JorganJamber, Kiddlebug, Heavens Earth, Mrs. Glockenheimen, S.O.L Clothing, & Tiketyboo.


"ManicMittens is pleased to bring you the 3rd annual Creative Collection Craft Fair.

Crescentwood Community Center will be bursting with talent on November 21st, 2010. Over 60 crafters and artisans will have tables set up to show and sell their wares!

Click to see much more.
Get your holiday shopping done with unique hand crafted gifts.
Be vocal, shop local!

 *free admission*
*raffle with submissions from all crafters*
*raffle proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders*
*full canteen on site*"

Crafters/Artists are as follows:

Jest Stix Juggling

Non Profit:
Craig Street Cats
Boston Terrier and Pug Rescue of MB
Reaching Across Borders

Soap and Body Products:
Just The Goods
Tasha's Soaps n Such
Spa Cakes Soap Company

Ruth Markham Jewelry - japanese paper and glass
Alyssia Silverberg Beaded Jewelry
Belle Epoque
JLP Designs
Prairie Wire Designs
Emms Gems
Pat's Gemstone Creations
Mrs. Glockenheimen

Sewing and Such:
Sewing By Jody
Wendy Ayres
Tawny Bee
TuTu Pretty
"Just Cats"
Snuggly Wunkins
Lovebug Creation - Felt Play Food
Cute as a Button
S.O.L Clothing
P.U. Toes

Honey and Candles:
Sweetness and Light

Cards/Paper Craft:
Monkey Business Card Co
A Little Out of the Ordinary
A Little Bit of Paper
The Card Cupboard.

Knit and Crochet:
Judy Berthman
Merlene Partkau
Ashlee Snell

mozy rue
Shades of Gray: Vinyl Recreations
Nancy Goncalves Basket Full of Treats

Pottery and stone:
Coney Island Glass & Stoneware
Fired Up by Lainie Rozner
Karen Burgess
Sunrise Mosaics

Psychedelic Endeavours
Crafts By Irene
Jan and Bob Proctor
Strokes By U
Corinne's Crafts

Julia's Jams and Jellies
Gloria's Gourmet Coffee
Leanne Farough & Maria Danakas baking and crafts.
Jiggity Jack Candy

Wild Feather Art
Heavens Earth