Friday, November 19, 2010

Two Artisans Are Whipping Up Dessert Soaps For The Creative Collection Craft Fair

I have recently posted about Just the Goods who will be at the Crescentwood Community Centre Craft Sale Sunday.  She is the Bath & Body Queen but there will be two bar soap makers at the sale.  There are very few things I like better than a good bar of soap.  As I have stated before...there are squirt soap people and bar soap people and I am the latter.  Tasha Soaps and Spa Cakes brings the fun into bathing with delicious dessert looking soaps.  They have fun soap pops, cake slices, and more tasty treats that look good enough to eat.  Also, Tasha Soaps makes fun rubber duck soaps and other squeaky fun toys that will make your kiddo want to wash up.  Have a peak at the photos below and their websites to see what they are all about.  

Tasha Soaps

Spa Cakes

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Gail said...

Thanks for posting the craft fair. Took my daughter there today and found lots of great and original hand made items.