Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My Ode To Christmas Begins!

Yes, I am aware that it was Halloween 2 days ago but I don't care!  I LOVE Christmas.  Christmas was the reason that I started this blog last year.  I wanted to encourage people to shop local artisans for their Christmas delights.  Last year I featured a gift a day so I was pretty busy blogging.  This year I am taking a slightly more relaxed approach.  If I come across something that I think would make a great gift I will post it here.  Also, if you are an artisan or crafter and would like to be included in the Ode To Christmas series please email the details and photos to handmadeinmanitoba@gmail.com and I will feature your Christmas idea here.  If you are looking for more ideas I would suggest that you look at my last November's posts.  There was a lot of good gifts featured then and most of the artisans (if not all) are still ticking away.  :)  I do not mind featuring artisans that I previously posted on so feel free to send me info.  There are many new readers so I would love to remind them of you.  :)

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