Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sweet Sparrow's Making Pocket Diapers Locally

Sweet Sparrow is a Mom and Daughter duo sewing diapers, wipes, and wet bags out of Morden.  They have perfected the pocket diaper with a combination of soft bamboo fleece that is naturally antibacterial and soft for sensitive skin, a laminated polyester outer layer to keep clothes dry, and a tri-fold insert that has one super soft layer of moisture-wicking bamboo fleece and one side absorbent microfiber.  The bamboo fleece is safe to put next to the babies skin and the microfibre locks the moisture inside and away from baby.  They also are using a one sized design that allows a snug fit regardless if you baby is a newborn, long, short, chubby, or lean with four rise and four waist settings.

Along with their diapers they sell large cloth wipes and wet bags made to store in your bag for diaper changes or other wet items.

I know there are many diaper companies out there but again it is very easy to shop local for the same or less money.  The diaper makers I know here have children.  They have tested them on their own kiddos and have found them the best design for baby's comfort. 

Sweet Sparrow


Tannis said...

Check out Sweet Sparrow Design's Cuddle Luscious wipes. They are super soft, and for $6 for a set of 4, they are a steal! Forget using them on a baby, I want to keep them for myself!

Tara said...

I know!! I have some too and I wish they came in a larger size... like a blanket! So soft! I have some of their diapers and other wipes and they are great quality.