Saturday, November 27, 2010

Today's Vineyard Craft Sale

Wow was it a good sale!  I ended up only able to go to one sale because I promised my kids that I would be home by lunch to put the tree up.  We chose the Vineyard Sale over the Manitoba Craft Council Sale only because I was meeting a couple crafters there.  Both I really wanted to get to.  I am sad that I missed the MCC one but I do look forward to the This Ain't You Grandma's Craft Sale coming up soon.  :)

I only have a couple minutes to write today so I will do a longer feature in a couple days on who I saw at today's sale and post about some crafters that I haven't featured before but we were very impressed with.  This craft sale reminded me again of a large Etsy site come to life.  ;)  The goods made were unique and beautifully done.  Those who knit, crocheted, & sewed made new styles including elf pointed, tasseled, home made buttons, neck muffs, wrist bands, and other creative designs.  The jewelry was made with fabrics, leather, clay, feathers, and more.  Children's items were classy, kitsch, trend setting, and cute.  Art ranged from beautiful hand stitched quilted pieces, to nature inspired photography, to hand painted butterflies, metal or cloth wall hangings, to modern and edgy drawings, images, and photography.  With that all said the prices were right too.  Pottery pieces starting at $5 each, knitwear for $10-$20, art pieces for $20 - $50, handmade chocolates for a few dollars.  The sale coordinators really do a fabulous job promoting and getting the right crafters for this sale each year.  Congrats to the Vineyard Church and this years craft sale!  The place was rocking so I am sure they, along with the crafters, made the money they needed.  :)

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