Sunday, September 26, 2010

Ride' n' Palooza Craft & Vendor's List for This Weekend

The tables have been filling up for this weekend's fundraiser at Earl Grey Community Centre.  Remember to bring your kids for a evening of fun, pizza, and shopping.  There is something for everyone and the money goes to make Ride & Play bigger and better for the neighborhood kids.

Ride'n' Palooza
Friday, October 1st (6pm-9pm)
Earl Grey Community Centre
360 Cockburn St N, Winnipeg

 Ride and Play from 6-9pm for children 5 and under at $2/child, pizza & pot luck, donate old Halloween costumes, & shop local crafters & vendors.

Erin McDowell • 293-1619

Trista Pengelly •995-0072


Ashleigh Kitson • 283-0300

Dana Gordon • 467-9176

FIT 4 TWO: Pre & postnatal fitness
Aileen Hunt • • 452-5000

foc Photography
Crystal Salked • 999-0265

Flight centre associate
Angeline Boekweit • 417-4217

liT’L Lamb Organic baby
Audrey Blatz •

little signing stars
Serena Yong • 996-9912

mary kay
Shannon Marchyshyn • 801-9579

791-2179 • Facebook

Serena Yong • 996-9912

Natasha Puspakartika • 293-3757

Shauna Runesson • 414-4858

Jackie Koop •

(home) 416-4630 (cell) 295-3350

Chantel Arneson • 417-3723

Tracey Sneesby •


Ashleigh Kitson • 283-0300

Laura Barkman • 257-4582 or 296-4582

Cindy Miller • 479-4023

Marla Catton • 488-6492

Usborne Books
Cheryl Palm • 489-3410

Kristin Buhler •

Donations by:

Funky Fleece

Greenplease toys
Melanie Derwin •

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Local Upcycler Remakes Lamps, Bags, and Even Shoes!

Lisa Wiebe is this local Winnipeg Upcyclist.  She currently has two Etsy sites, a website, and a blog.  Her first Etsy site is  and here she sells upcycled lamps.  She uses thrift store and vintage lighting and applies a variety of re-purposed, de-constructed elements.  One of her primary mediums is recycled-auto glass that she hand dyes.  Her other Etsy site is home to to her upcycled, hand-painted/embellished shoes, boots and purses and totes.  Lisa works full time upcycling in her home studio.

It isn't too hard to find Lisa and her upcycled lamps, bags, & shoes.  She has had her lighting displayed in the front window at Edge Gallery since May 2010 and has just refreshed it this week.  She has several items on consignment at Mozy Rue and Scrunch Hair Co. (hair salon) on Lilac St.  Lisa's Etsy treasures have also been featured on the main page of Etsy three times and has been featured in many treasuries.  Take a look at her Etsy shops above and you can find her blogging at and on her website

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cake Studio's Beautiful Custom Cakes

Gold Medal Pastry Chef Nina Notaro creates custom designed wedding or celebration cakes at Cake Studio on Wellington Ave.  She uses only the finest and freshest ingredients available to ensure that she has a heck of a good cake for you.  Nina specializes in many different medias such as sugar, chocolate, and sugar paste which allows for amazing details.  Have a peak at her website and think of Cake Studio for your next celebration!!

Cake Studio
1483 Wellington Ave, Winnipeg (Btn St.James & Empress)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ride' n ' Palooza at Earl Grey Community Centre

Earl Grey Community Centre has the best Ride & Play drop in.  The reason it is so good is due to organizer Alison McLean, her helpers, and the community who loves it.  Fundraisers are semi-annual for new toys.  They also have family fun nights once a month including most big holidays.  I would suggest if you have small children to have a look at their website and pop in and also come help support the playgroup at this fundraisers and shop some local goodies too. Here are the details!!:

"It's an evening out for adults and a FUNdraiser for Ride & Play: 


Friday, Oct 1st, 6 pm - 9 pm
Earl Grey Community Centre
360 Cockburn St North

• Awesome Ride & Play from 6-9pm
A shopping extravaganza featuring displays by local entrepreneurs, many who are parents who come to Ride & Play;
• Pizza & potluck (bring a dish to share);
• Halloween Costume Exchange (donate your old costumes).

Thanks to these businesses for agreeing to participate:


Bambino & Sprout
Discovery Toys
Fit 4 Two: Pre & Post-Natal Fitness
Flight Centre Associate (Angeline Boekweit)
Little Signing Stars (Serena Yung)
Mary Kay
Natasha Lowenthal - visual artist
Strider Prebike
Sweat Pea Cards
The Sling Sisters (baby slings)
Tomboy Tools
Totally Fit Mom!

Wire & Beads (by Kristin Buhler)

Come and shop! Tell your friends!

If you're interested in having your business participate, or you know someone who might be, it's not too late! Contact Alison at Tables are $30 or by special arrangement. It's an opportunity to network, advertise, and sell some stuff!

We also need volunteers to help with setting up and tearing down the event. Bring food for the pot luck and/or donate a costume for the Halloween Costume Exchange and for a nominal fee you can get another one!

All proceeds raised will go towards replacing and buying new toys for Ride & Play. More details will be posted on our website and facebook so keep watching!"

alison mcLean
Ride and Play Coordinator
Earl Grey Community Centre
360 Cockburn St North
Check out our new website:

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Cloverleaf Creates Art With Help From Their Shetland Sheep

Margaret of Cloverleaf Art & Fibre introduced herself to me in August.  I have been reading their blog and it is about a very interesting art and life.  They are located in the town of Cloverleaf in eastern Manitoba.  They own a flock of registered Shetland Sheep.  Margaret spins, dyes, and sews and Linda is a visual artist who works with fleece.  Linda creates stunning wall hangings that are needle felted on handmade felt.  They also make pocket purses and other accessories, felted sculptures, and more. 

"The sheep are a constant source of amusement and inspiration. We are bringing in three more ewe lambs this week from other flocks in Canada who share our breeding goals of wonderful fine fleece in a multitude of colours. As of now we are the only registered flock of Shetlands in Manitoba but we hope that there will be more soon." - Margaret

I would suggest you read their interesting blog as well as visit their Etsy site for their current creations.

Linda is also offering a needle felt workshop on Saturday October 2nd at Munroe Library in Winnipeg. You can learn basic needle felting skills with all materials provided.  "Linda will bring some design suggestions to spark your creativity, but we know that no two finished pieces will be alike! The background for your picture will be 'upcycled' wool blanket cloth. The fleece for the design comes from the Leafhaven flock of Shetland sheep, in natural and hand dyed colours.  More fabric and fleece will be for sale at the workshop, so you can stock up for your next project."

Saturday, October 2, 2010
1:30 - 4:00 pm
Munroe Library
489 London Street

Cost: $45 (includes background fabric, fleece in a variety of colours, and felting needles )

To register, email or phone 231-4321

2nd Annual Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Craft Sale

Last year's Vineyard Craft Sale was awesome!!!  It was my favorite craft fair to date.  I am very excited to hear that they will be making it a tradition and can't wait to see what these amazing artisans have for us this year!!!!!  Here's the details I have so far I got from a Facebook message:

"Just wanted to plant the bug that our second annual Christmas Craft sale will be around the corner. All the new info will be up soon on this event page, in the next day or two it will be fully complete. This years event will take place on Sat Nov 27th from 10am - 4pm. Same location: 782 Main street. Last year was a HUGE success and we plan on it being another great sale. This sale will be your one stop christmas shop! Lots of amazing LOCAL talent. We will randomly send reminder messages out. If you wish not to get any messages we kindly ask you remove yourself from this event page. If you wish to have a table at the event please email Chandra at: Thank you! Looking forward to seeing everyone out and support a great event"

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tree Hugger Mama Pads

I have been putting off this review for a little while because I do have many male readers.  Today I have decided to do it!!!  To heck with the squeamish...we are talking about pads today.  ;D

A couple friends have come to me about natural cloth pads made locally.  I know oodles of people who use cloth diapers on their babes but very few use cloth pads.  Whats the deal with that?  They wash up easier then the diapers.  If this is something you may be interested in Tree Hugger Personal Luxury Products is the place to look into.  Crystal makes luxurious pads out of minky, organic bamboo, & velour.  They are beautiful and soft and they work wonderfully!!!  Crystal has started doing home parties too so if you have a group of open minded women you can have a party and celebrate your menstrual cycle.  :D

Crystal and her Tree Hugger Mama Pads will be at the Dakota Christmas Craft show on November 6th and at the Charleswood Y Neighbours craft sale on November 13th or check out her website

This is Crystal's Who, What, When, Where and How about her Mama Pads:

"What is "Mama Cloth"?
The term "mama cloth" is frequently used online to refer to cloth menstrual pads/washable sanitary pads/reusable cloth feminine pads.  They are not the same as the ones used by previous generations.  Now we have better fabrics and better designs.  With fabrics such as zorb you can get a super absorbant pad that is trimmer then regular cotton.  Using a professional snap press you can get wings that hold the pad in place which leave you nothing to worry about.
Why should I use cloth menstrual pads?

They are better than disposable in many ways!  My favourite reasons are that they:
  • Save you money!  Keep thousands of dollars in your pocket over the long run.
  • Are comfortable! Much more comfortable, in fact.
  • More attractive!  So many stylish fabrics and patterns.
  • Save you from the odour caused by the chemicals in disposables.
  • May reduce the duration and symptoms of your period!
  • Are better for the environment.  Throw away less garbage!
  • Are more skin friendly with less skin irritations and no sticky glue!
 How many do I need?

The best way to determine how many you need is to keep track of how many disposable pads you use in a day.  You will change them as often as you do disposables so you then need to decide how often you want to wash them.  Some people can get away with 6 and wash them every evening before bed.  Some people like to have enough for 2 days and wash every other day or enough for their whole period and only wash once a month.  Some people choose to have only day pads for ease of buying and others prefer liners for the start and end, night pads for night and day pads for the day.  How many you have depends on how often you want to wash as well as your most comfortable size and your budget.  Keep in mind that the more you have in rotation the less wear each one will receive so they will last you longer.

How do I wash them?

Washing mama cloth can be as simple as tossing in the washing machine!   If you are worried about staining then you may choose to keep a pail of water (or empty ice cream container) and toss the used pads in and wash when needed or you can give them a quick rinse before tossing in a wetbag or dry pail.  Natural fabrics such as cotton and bamboo stain easier than minkee which almost never stains.  If stains set in then just place clean wet pads in the sun or you may use a stain remover product on them such as peroxide before washing.

Do they leak?

My mama cloth are all made with soft fleece backing.  The fleece not only helps hold the pad in place but it also acts as a barrier to stop leaks.  Fleece is breathable but also doesn’t wick the moisture out to your underwear as flannel backed would do. 
What is Zorb?
Zorb contains only common diaper making fibers, nothing mysterious.  All are virgin, made in the USA or Canada, non-allergenic, easy to sanitize, and free of anything mysterious or unknown.  Zorb is made in the USA and Canada in modern facilities that are safe & friendly for workers and the environment.
Zorb contains only tangled cellulose fibers from bamboo/cotton/viscose and poly micro fiber.  Nothing else.  Zorb is hemp free!
For a head to head comparison on thickness, stacking Zorb on a desk against the common fabrics will show you something like this.  1 layer of Zorb is the same as:
* 3 layers of flannel
* 2.25 layers of French terry
* 1.3 layers of cotton fleece
* 1 layer of sherpa.

Now, to get the same absorbency, as 2 layer of Zorb, you will need:
* 8 layers of flannel
* 6 layers of French terry
* 5 layers of cotton fleece
* 4 layers of sherpa."

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Winnipeg Green Show on This Weekend

I am not a huge fan of the convention centre shows but there are always a dozen or so great vendors and artisans mixed into the chaos so I usually go anyways.  ;)  I am not sure if I will be attending this one though.  It is the Morris MCC sale Saturday and I have plans Sunday.   If I end up there I will report on it of course. :D  All the details are here:

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tall Grass Prairie is a Great Lunch Destination

I love bakeries, especially Wolesely's Tall Grass Prairie.   Over the last year I have started walking with the kids for lunch.  It is not far from me and the meals are hot and delicious.  Weekdays, and perhaps Saturday too, they have a lunch special that starts at noon.  I have not kept track of the days I am eating items but I have dropped in for vegetable samosas, mushroom & cream cheese turnovers, pizza buns, and spinach & feta buns that I can't remember name of right now.  The prices are $2.50-$4.50 each and normally one-two fills me up.   That is not a bad price for lunch.   For $10-$12 I can feed the three of us.

I am not usually fond of pizza buns.  The big groceries sell these dried out greasy pizza buns with some onion and tomato sauce.  Tall Grass Prairie's pizza buns have chunks of feta cheese and the sauce drips from the buns.  The are to die for!!  I bought one because I was disappointed that it wasn't spinach and feta bun day and I gulped it down so fast that I had to run in for a second one because everyone wanted to share with me.  ;)  The samosas are good and are similar to most fresh made samosas.  I promise you that you will be moaning while munching the mushroom & cream cheese turnovers, and the spinach and feta buns (Fridays) are my favorite.   They are awesome and lemon dilly.  I have ordered a dozen at a time and froze them for snacks for the week. 

There are many bakeries around that have been adding light hot menu items that are a better deal then most restaurants, and they are quick, fresh made, and delicious. 

Tall Grass Prairie
859 Westminster Ave
1 Forks Market Road

Handmade in Manitoba Gets a Much Needed Makeover

I am so sick of the look of this blog.  I have been staring at it for nearly a year.  I hope you all don't mind the new template.  I also needed more room for all the local buttons so they are now framing my amazing & insightful posts on both sides.  I am sorry for being the Debbie Downer with the red leaves in the background but I have accepted what is on the horizon and I hope you do too.   This is Manitoba and Autumn is coming.  ;(

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Local Artisan Makes Quilts For Charity

I believe that everyone has a talent that can be used to benefit others in need.  Tawny of Tawny Bee is a seamstress who is helping the Siloam Mission by donating much needed comforters for the fast approaching cold season.  Read her story below to learn all about what she is doing and perhaps get ideas to what you can do to help someone in need.  It does not need to be a financial donation.  I know people who gather used coats, mitts, & scarves and hand them out to people on the street over the winter.  If you have a talent and/or spare time I encourage you to reach out to your community.  That is why I do this blog.  I don't have any real artisan talent.  I don't get paid anything or do it for free stuff.  I do it to help local artisans & businesses in my community.  I know that I am not out in on the streets saving lives but hopefully I am connecting buyers to sellers and keeping money in the province and out of Walmart.  ;)

"Pay It Forward: Comforters for Siloam Mission

I was just thinking about the wonderful life I have today. I'm so blessed and lucky in so many ways. I have a beautiful family, an amazing house to live in and my health. I truly have it all.

I was thinking about all this while cutting out a new comforter for Lane. It's starting to become cooler at night and I wanted to make sure my little girl wouldn't be cold. These thoughts naturally got me thinking about those who will have a rough time this autumn and winter in Winnipeg. Not everyone is as lucky as I am and it made me so sad. I've got to do something!

So I went to the Siloam Mission webpage and checked to see if comforters were on their "Fill a Need" list. And of course they were.

September is going to be "Pay It Forward" month here at Tawny Bee. I'll be making comforters for the Siloam Mission and will drop them off on October 1st.

For those of you who don't know what Siloam Mission is, I'll let them tell you:

"A connecting point between the compassionate and Winnipeg’s less fortunate, Siloam Mission is a Christian humanitarian agency offering programs and services at no charge to those experiencing homelessness.
Siloam Mission alleviates the hardships of the poor and homeless, assists in transitioning them into self-sufficient and generous lifestyles and advocates nationwide on their behalf." (taken from their website)
I promise to make at least 10 comforters (like the one I made for Lane today) to donate to the mission by October 1st.

Wanna help?

There are 3 ways in which you can help if you so choose to participate in paying it forward month:

1) You can buy a handmade Tawny Bee comforter for your home for $60. For every comforter I sell, I will donate one to the mission. They are made out of cotton flannel with a warm cozy quilt batting inside. Flannel comes in basically any colour, theme, pattern you can imagine, so if you have a dream, I can probably make it work. Or you can always tell me a little about yourself and I will come up with a one of a kind comforter just for you. :)

And just in case you think I might be making money off of this, I'll lay out my costs for you. Flannel is sold for $7 a meter and it takes 4 meters to make a comforter. That's $28, plus quilt batting which costs a small fortune and thread. That means, it'll cost over $60 to make 2 comforters. But it's not about cost, it's about paying it forward. :)

2) If you are a sewist like myself, you can make a comforter and drop it off at my house for me to donate with the pile that I'll be making or directly to the mission. Or you can donate materials such as flannel, thread, quilt batting if you have extra laying around.

3) If $60 is too steep a price, but you'd like to contribute, you can drop off a money donation at my house which I will put towards making the comforters. And of course, you can always go to the Siloam Mission website and see what other items they are in need of and make your own donation. Or donate money directly to the mission. :)

Aren't they special? I love this idea! I really love to use my particular talents in a way that helps others. I hope you'll join me?

If you would like to participate in any of the ways I've outlined above, you can email me at or message me through the Tawny Bee fanpage.

I'll update you will my progress throughout the month. Even if I receive no interest or help, Siloam Mission is still going to receive 10 handmade comforters from us on October 1st."

Tawny Bee