Friday, September 23, 2011

Local Crafter Is Being Featured at Nuit Blanche at The Manitoba Museum

Winnipeg's Embroidery Artist Susana of Lemon Dear will be participating in Nuit Blanche at the Manitoba Museum Saturday, October 1, 2011 (9:00 PM - 11:00 PM). Nuit Blanche is a Mad Men inspired (and free) party that includes Susana's Ella Stitchgerald embroidery exhibit and demonstration that is inspired by Ella Fitzgerald and other shining stars of the 60s.

"An illustration of Ella Fitzgerald, based on a photograph taken by William P. Gottlieb will be transferred to fabric and turned into an embroidery portrait. Guests are encouraged to approach the artist as she embroiders in order to learn some basic embroidery techniques and witness the process of turning fabric and thread into a portrait of the first lady of song.

Guests will also be able to see embroidered portraits of some of the most iconic personalities of the 60s. The exhibit features embroidery portraits of, among other figures, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie O and Twiggy

The first 50 guests will receive an embroidery pattern so that they can take it home and make their own Ella Stitchgeralds!

For a little background on Susana she started embroidering when she was 10 years old.  Her dear aunt Isabel unknowingly opened the doors of this marvelous handmade universe to Susana.   She has lived in various countries and her travels play an important role in who she is and her art.  Have a peak at Lemon Dear Etsy site and the links above to learn more about this fun event.  It looks like an amazing night.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Crafters Looking For Craft Sales

Hope you all had a fabulous summer with the wonderful heat and no mosquitoes.  I am hoping that we will have a nice, warm, long Fall again like last year.  It makes winter oh so more bearable.  Along with the cold and snow another great phenomena happens at the end of Fall and the start of Winter.....Craft Sale Season.

It looks like the planning is in full gear for Fall and Winter craft sales.  I have had a dozen people emailing me with info about their sales and you can find them along the right side of my blog.  If you are looking to sell your awesome crafts have a peak at the sales that are up and coming and let me know about where you will be too and what you will be selling.  I will be sure to do a write up on you.  :)  If I were you I would hop on it sooner then later because I know tables fill up pretty fast.