Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winnipeg T-Shirt Designer Lady T. Tees

While visiting the holiday craft sales I came across Lady T.Tees at two back to back sales.  I actually just got her info from the Crafty Minions Sale at Aqua Books and then caved and bought one for myself the following night at the This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale.  The shirt fits great and the art on the shirts are all hand-printed with original drawings by Tamara Rae Biebrich.  She has a blog with many of her designs.  Have a peak:


I think I may get a couple other shirts in the near future because I love the one with the woman on the bike and a swimming ladies one that I came across at the sales.  The designs are very retro!

As far as I know she just sales at craft sales but if you check on her blog she may have a way to order custom shirts.  :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

This Weekend's For the Love of Craft

I got a reminder of this sale today and have cut and paste the details from the Manitoba Craft Council's Site.  It looks like there will be lots to see. :)

"Annual Members' Exhibition and Sale
January 21-Feb 1, 2011
Cre8ery Gallery
2nd floor, 125 Adelaide St.

OPENING RECEPTION Friday January 21, 7-10 pm
Featuring work in textiles, ceramics, jewellery, glass, and paper by Pat Anderson, Jan Ashton, Mike Astill, Kathleen Black, Pat Courtnage, Miriam deLangley, June Derksen, Jeanette Dzama, Maurice Dzama, Joy Eidse, Milli Flaig-Hooper, Marilyn Folson, Carol James, Jo’Anne Kelly, Merilyn Kraut, Rachael Kroeker, Ingrid Lincoln, Ursula Neufeld, Alison Norberg, Amanda Onchulenko, Judith Panson, LeeAnn Penner, Kristen Perrott, Kelli Rey, Evelin Richter, Lily Rosenberg, Jolanta Sokalska, Caitlin Spicer, Susan Styrchak, Tammy Sutherland, Gaetanne Sylvester, Alexandra Tumanov, Brigitte Urben, and Marim Daien Zipursky.

Gallery hours Tues-Sat 12-6 pm / Mon & Th 6-10 pm

Join the artists on Thursday, January 27, 7 pm for CRAFT TALK.  Artists are invited to reflect on their work and get feedback from the group."

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tumanov Regalia is Saving the World With Beauty

Another artisan that I loved over the holidays was Alexandra Tumanov who creates beautiful jewelry under the name Tumanov Regalia.  I am a closet jewelry collector.  I actually rarely buy now or wear them since I have had children but I have a 4 drawer jewelry box filled with classic, unique, and costume jewelry.  I especially love turquoise.  Absolutely love it.  My whole family is drawn to it.  Alexandra's table was beautiful.  Have a peak at her blog for more photos of her work and read below her little bio that I snagged from her site.

"~ Beauty will save the world'; ~ This statement mixed with some biting problem solving is what drives myself to create vaingloriously. ~With every piece comes more experience and the dream is bound to a world full of collaboration and unrehearsed demenor.~ I call these Objet d'arts - clad in metal armor, Tumanov Regalia, for now."


Monday, January 10, 2011

Midkid's Art & Craft

I have finally starting digging out my cards from December's craft sales.  I am still on the hunt for a few because I am sure I had a handful and now I have three. Midkid is one of the crafters that I liked.  Midkid is a collection of art&craft by Cara.  Her Facebook page has a good bio on her and photos of her work so this will be an very easy entry for me today.  A perfect way to kick off my first feature in 2011.  :) I love this babywearing pendant.  Nothing is hotter than a guy with a baby in sling.  Have a peak at her bio and the photos below.

"The name "midkid" is inspired by Cara's life. Much like every piece that comes from the label. Cara is a middle child, sandwiched inbetween two brothers capable of mastering any sport. Cara's love for art started at a young age when she started coloring on everything from paper, to walls, to her baby brother. When her clumsiness prevented her from being an allstar like her brothers she found star like qualities in her art.

With that "midkid" was created. Still looking to be that all star, Cara trys to make art&craft in many forms. Currently "midkid" is compiled of paintings, jewellery, photography, murals, and pretty much anything else you can imagine.

Cara loves to be challenged and inspired so she is always happy to accept custom work." - Midkid

Most of Cara's work is arranged through Facebook.  She is also offering any new Facebook friends and blog followers 10% off their order for this month if they mention this blog post.  Happy shopping!!!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have had a very nice lazy holiday.  I do have quite a few artisans to feature this winter so keep checking back here.  I have been procrastinating after busy pre-holiday blogging so I am going to be starting up slowly.  :)  If you are an artisan/crafter/baker/etc and would like to be featured here email me at handmadeinmanitoba@gmail.com.  Also email me if you have a favourite artisan.  Feel free to email a paragraph on them with photos if you have and I will post your review/feature asap. 

Hope you all have a happy and eventful 2011.  Take this year to learn something new about yourself.  If this ends up in a new craft then we are all the better for it.  :D