Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tumanov Regalia is Saving the World With Beauty

Another artisan that I loved over the holidays was Alexandra Tumanov who creates beautiful jewelry under the name Tumanov Regalia.  I am a closet jewelry collector.  I actually rarely buy now or wear them since I have had children but I have a 4 drawer jewelry box filled with classic, unique, and costume jewelry.  I especially love turquoise.  Absolutely love it.  My whole family is drawn to it.  Alexandra's table was beautiful.  Have a peak at her blog for more photos of her work and read below her little bio that I snagged from her site.

"~ Beauty will save the world'; ~ This statement mixed with some biting problem solving is what drives myself to create vaingloriously. ~With every piece comes more experience and the dream is bound to a world full of collaboration and unrehearsed demenor.~ I call these Objet d'arts - clad in metal armor, Tumanov Regalia, for now."

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