Thursday, February 16, 2012

Upcoming Events to Look Forward to

Hi Folks!  I know my blogging has been pretty slow over the last year.  I have been taken away with various commitments and hobbies but I have not forgotten the craft world.  :)  I just got emailed some updates for Spring to Fall 2012.  Some are far in the future but I know they fill up quick so if you are a crafter it would be a good idea to get on them soon if you are interested in selling your awesome crafts at their sale.  :)

Crafty Minions will be March 3rd (11am to 5pm) and I have been told that this sale will be the last one at Aqua Books at 374 Garry.  The next one will be in their new location 123 Princess for the new nonprofit Winnipeg's Cultural City Hall Inc. 

The Last Chance Craft Sale will be May 5th and I am guessing it will be at Club Regent as usual.  

Far in the future is Brandon's Big One on Oct 20-21st.  

There is also a Circle and Square Craft Festival in the works and looks like it will be pretty neat.  They have a blog where they have been writing about the ideas they have for it.  It looks like they are thinking about possibly June for the exciting festival.  Have a peak at their block for more info.

I need to daughter is up and disgruntled about something.  ;)

Friday, February 3, 2012

Watch Constance Popp & Her Chocolates on CTV Morning Show on Feb 13th

Chocolatier Constance Popp will be doing a live feed on the CTV Morning Show on February13th, 2012 (Show is on from 6-9am).  Watch Constance to see what delicious treats she has ready for Valentines Day and then stop into her shop at 1853 Portage Ave for all your Valentines goodies.  :)