Tuesday, December 11, 2012

W.E.S.T. Handmade & Vintage Holiday Sale Closes Craft Season

Just a reminder that if you are still looking for Christmas gifts then you need to head to the W.E.S.T Handmade & Vintage Holiday Sale on Saturday.  It is your last chance to get something great and locally made.  Also remember there are many stores around Winnipeg that specialize in locally made products.  My favourite of these is Sew Dandee in Osborne Village.  She makes unique screen printed clothes and paper goods, makes accessories, as well as sells nice used clothing and locally made body products (my favourite Just the Goods), locally made handbags, and more great stuff.

Etsy, local shops, and craft sales make it sooo easy to shop locally.  Please do if you can.  :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Another R.A.Steen Craft Sale Tomorrow For Craig St. Cats

Craig St. Cats is having a Craft Sale at R.A.Steen Community Centre Sunday, December 2nd from 10am-4pm.  980 Palmerston Ave.  I saw the signs and popped in thinking it was today and instead the kids and I crashed a private Christmas Party.  :)  We sneaked out with balloon animals in hand before anyone realized we were uninvited guests.  ;)  I guess I will have to pop in tomorrow for the actual sale.

Constance Popp for Stocking Stuffers

It seems I annually have a post about Constance Popp's chocolates.  I stopped in today to buy stocking stuffers for the kids.  No Hershey around here if I have a choice.  ;)  I bought them chocolate coins and each a large chocolate lollypop...one of St.Nick and one of a Nutcracker.  Along with that I ate the best vanilla icing in the world and I would say that I am a icing pro.  I eat a lot of icing.  They have cupcakes and I chose a vanilla bean iced chocolate cupcake.  The icing tasted like vanilla ice cream.  You need to try it!!  Not too sweet...just perfect!