Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Judy Tingley's Art in Glass and Tile

Judy Tingley creates beautiful mosaic art pieces.  It seems that nearly everyone in my family has her mosaics in their homes in the form of mirrors, tables, and trivets, so it got my attention a while back.  One piece she did a couple years ago of my cousin really impressed me and I realized then that this was no mere hobby but a passion and an art.  She has such a range in her creations from beautiful detailed portraits in glass to a little peek here and there into the world around us and nature's little creatures.  I am amazed at what can be done with broken pieces of glass and tiles.  Here is what Judy says of her work:

"I began making mosaic about 10 years ago as a hobby and after retiring 5 years ago began making mosaic as a small business. I work mainly with stained glass but also with ceramic or slate tiles for outdoor pieces. I will also use found objects such as shells, stones and jewellery and build them into the mosaic.
I make home accent pieces such as coasters and trivets, picture frames, trays, mirrors, and and have recently begun to do glass mosaic portraits. I also do outdoor tables, bird baths, plant pot containers using outdoor ceramic or slate tile.
I mainly do commissioned work and am willing to try different challenges. I love working with the glass and experimenting with different colours to create interesting effects. I often am inspired by something I see and will take a picture and then do a mosaic of it. I like doing themed pieces and recently did a mirror with a nautical theme for a friend for her home at Lake of the Woods . This was really fun to make."
Judy is currently working on a website and I will update here once it is up and going until then email Judy at and she would love to commission a piece for you.  :) 

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