Saturday, April 16, 2011

Another Craft Sale Missed. :(

It seems Spring is not my time for craft sales.  It was my 4 year old's birthday party today and it was busy with around 15 kids, games, crafts, and all that jazz.  I also picked up cakette pops from Cake-ology for the kids' take home present.  Yum!  I probably could have made them by myself but why? There was enough work to be done so I took a tasty short cut. :)  By 3pm, when the party was finally cleaned up, I was too tired to walk over to R.Steen Community Centre.  I hope it was a success.  If anyone visited and saw anything great there email me and I would love to post about it.


Eating in Winnipeg said...

i heard that scattered seeds was this weekend too...i had no idea and if so then totally missed it too!!

on another note they cake-ology makes great cupcakes hey? i got a groupon for there and used it for my husbands birthday wine and cheese this year. total hit and not have for $12 either!

lulu said...

I love their cream cheese icing. YUM!