Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mary and Maude Studio's Whimsical Illustrations

I realized that I hadn't written about Mary and Maude Studio yet.  I have seen the fantastic illustrations at many craft sales and still haven't wrote about them.  I think Natasha's illustrations are fun and whimsical.  They would fit perfectly in a nursery or your living room.  They have some humor to them as well, similar to how all kid movies all have jokes for the parents to enjoy now.  Have a peak at Mary and Maude's online shop and also keep an eye out for them at upcoming sales.

"maryandmaude originally hail from the Canadian West Coast. They have, however, weathered the past nine winters in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and have subsequently bought themselves some very warm coats.

maryandmaude are taken care of by natasha boone illustration, who has successfully doodled covers for CDs, band inserts, posters, baby pictures and a children's book. She is happy to be kept busy at her drawing board.

These drawings and other whimsical things are handmade in Winnipeg, Manitoba."

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J. Lofthouse said...

I love mary & maude! Natashia designed my Thank You cards for my wedding! Great post!