Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lilac Bakery Made Our Snack Time AWESOME!

The kids and I were heading to a friends for a playdate and I happened by Lilac Bakery and asked Li if we should pick up some treats for snack time.  What nearly 4 year old would say no to that.  :)  Actually, I don't know very many women who would say no to that either.  Definitely not I.  I got the kids out of the car and all ran in with glee and excitement in our eyes at what treats we could get.  ;) We divided inside.  I went towards the cupcake counter while Li diverted for the other counter with the colourful slices.  She was instantly drawn to the pink iced Dream Cake Slice.  I, to the peanut butter iced chocolate cupcake.  Joni, being a boy was much more interested in climbing on the window ledge.  ;)  He did seem interested in the peanut butter marshmallow slice that also happens to be my Grandma's specialty.  We ended up with 2 cupcakes (Peanut Butter Chocolate and Cookies and Cream), the Dream Cake, and the Marshmallow Slice.  I wish I had thought to take some photos of the box of treats so I could post them here.  I have a few photos here from their website but not of what we had.  :(

They all were all AWESOME.  The Dream Cake was pretty and delicious too.  It had a shortbread bottom with a cherry, nut, and coconut gooey center, and pink buttercream on top.  My kids and friend went ape over the peanut butter marshmallow slice.

Lilac Bakery is definitely the place to go for slices.  They had a huge selection of slices and a yummy selection of cupcakes too.  I love having children and being able to use them as an excuse to go to bakeries.  ;)

They are also participating in Ciao! Magazine's Chocolate Fest from April 1–30. Visit them and receive a slice of their Classic Chocolate Cake (moist dark chocolate cake covered with a decadent chocolate frosting) for $5.00.

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oh i just tried this place yesterday for the chocolate indulge event that is going good!!