Thursday, April 7, 2011

Rochelle's Craftnook's Clips, Bibs, I-Spy Bags, and TUTUS!

I was bragging about these I-Spy bags that I bought from a local crafter to a friend.  She is heading to Washington DC with the whole family in their minivan.  She thought the idea was great and wanted me to find her some asap.  :)  I log into my Gmail and who contacts me but a new to me crafter Rochelle's Craftnook who indeed makes I-Spy Bags which is good because I am unsure if my regular I-Spy bag crafter is still making them.  Such a strange coincidence.  Enough with the story...I am sure you want to know about Rochelle.

"I am a stay at home Mom of two beautiful children. Damian is 7 and Rhianna is 4. I have been married for going on 8 years this july to the love of my life Adam! He is a paramedic and away quite a bit. In my spare time as a stay at home Mom I have found many things to keep me busy on top of the daily tasks in life. I have always been artistic and crafty, so I decided to let my abilities grow further and Rochelle's Craftnook became my quiet place I could go to scrapbook and card make. It has now evolved to many different craft projects including anything from adult hair accessories to baby gear like bibs, blankets and much more. All my items are handmade with love and care!"

Rochelle makes bibs, burp cloths, soother clips, I-Spy bags, hair clips and bands, little squishy stuffies, blankets, and.......TUTUS.  I have expressed how tutus are the cutest thing in the entire world next to baby kittens and my children of course.  :)  Have a peak at her Facebook page for photos of all her wonderful custom made items and buy your child an I-Spy bag and a tutu.  ;)

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Angel M from Minnesota said...

I was at Rochelles house last week and I seen all the stuff she made and yes I bought a Tutu for my 3 yr old and omg she love wearing it. Everything I seen was wonderfully made and I love the I spy bags.