Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tall Grass Prairie is a Great Lunch Destination

I love bakeries, especially Wolesely's Tall Grass Prairie.   Over the last year I have started walking with the kids for lunch.  It is not far from me and the meals are hot and delicious.  Weekdays, and perhaps Saturday too, they have a lunch special that starts at noon.  I have not kept track of the days I am eating items but I have dropped in for vegetable samosas, mushroom & cream cheese turnovers, pizza buns, and spinach & feta buns that I can't remember name of right now.  The prices are $2.50-$4.50 each and normally one-two fills me up.   That is not a bad price for lunch.   For $10-$12 I can feed the three of us.

I am not usually fond of pizza buns.  The big groceries sell these dried out greasy pizza buns with some onion and tomato sauce.  Tall Grass Prairie's pizza buns have chunks of feta cheese and the sauce drips from the buns.  The are to die for!!  I bought one because I was disappointed that it wasn't spinach and feta bun day and I gulped it down so fast that I had to run in for a second one because everyone wanted to share with me.  ;)  The samosas are good and are similar to most fresh made samosas.  I promise you that you will be moaning while munching the mushroom & cream cheese turnovers, and the spinach and feta buns (Fridays) are my favorite.   They are awesome and lemon dilly.  I have ordered a dozen at a time and froze them for snacks for the week. 

There are many bakeries around that have been adding light hot menu items that are a better deal then most restaurants, and they are quick, fresh made, and delicious. 

Tall Grass Prairie
859 Westminster Ave
1 Forks Market Road

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