Thursday, November 11, 2010

Manitoba Craft Council Proclaims To Have The Event of The Year. We Will See. :D

Manitoba Craft Council and This Ain't Your Grandma's Craft Sale are pairing up on Friday night to bring you the Best of Manitoba Craft under one roof.  They definitely entice me with their promise of thirty-eight and counting contemporary craft artists, live music, dancing, & food. 

This gala event takes place Friday, Nov 26 (5pm-10 pm) and Saturday, Nov 27 (10am-4pm) at the West End Cultural Centre.

Some Fine Crafters You Will See Here:
Tesh Kosowan (upcycled leather purses, etc), Sigourney Burrell (Ruby Feathers jewellery), Michael Astill and Maria Deschauer (ceramics), Gaetanne Sylvester (ceramics), Alison Norberg (fibre), Joy Bamford (stained glass), Johanna Brierley (jewellery), Elise Nadeau (ceramics), tamara rae biebrich (printed Tees, etc.), Evelin Richter (ceramics), Joanne Seiff (wool n' things), Ruth Smith (Periwinkle Dzines jewellery), Jolanta Sokalska (fused and stained glass), Ron Rempel (found object jewellery), PJ Anderson (ceramics).

Be there or you'll be sorry. :)

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