Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone Needs Soap But Does Your Soap Make You Shiver?

It is not due to my obsession with soap that I am featuring another soap maker.  I really do think there can't be too many soap makers around.  There is absolutely NO reason to use a harsh terrible soap like Zest, Irish Spring, or even a whoosy soap like Ivory.  :)  I would be very very happy if every one of you would buy one bar of soap from a craft sale this season.  It will change you.  ;)

Ok....so off with my soap banter and onto the good stuff.  Shiver Soaps is my soap maker of the week and I plan to buy a bar or two from her this weekend at the Vineyard sale.  Sheila Terra of Shiver Soaps has a soap passion and she describes it on her blog:

"Shiver Soaps are uniquely handmade, no two batches are alike. For me, making soap is a passion before it is a business. I use organic and natural ingredients and price my soaps fairly. Natural products should be accessible to all........ everyone needs soap but does your soap make you shiver?"

Sheila has large variety of yummy soaps for you to try:
-bamboo scrub
-citrus spice
-Cocoa HoHo
-Coconut Confetti
-Beer and Lemongrass
-Grapefruit Splash
-Hemp, Shea and Loofah
-Lite Spiced Beer
-Dingo Ate My Baby (South Australian Shiraz, hemp oil and beer confetti)
-naked ladies (literally)
-Fight Club soap
-Coffee and Tea Tree
-Castile unscented
-lavender and chocolate
-red wine marble
-tangerine chocolate

Shiver Soaps can be found at many craft sales this season so have a sniff at her table and give one or six a try. :)
Manitoba Craft Council's Handmade Holiday Sale at the West End Cultural Center
Friday November 26  5pm - 10pm
Vineyard Art and Craft Fair
Saturday November 27 10am - 4pm
782 Main Street
Tuxedo Community Centre Craft Sale
Sunday Dec 5 10am - 3pm
I will be in the lawn bowling building.

Anarchist Craft Show at the West End Cultural Centre
Friday Dec 17 5pm-11:30pm
Saturday Dec18 1pm - 11:30pm


Anonymous said...

Fluked out on this website. Just wanted you to know that I LOVE it and will be bookmarking it. I'm a fellow Manitoban and am very fond of buying local AND handmade. Thanks for the site!


lulu said...

Awe Thanks! :)