Sunday, May 29, 2011

Stella's Bakery Super Yummy Treats & Crafty Minions Likes

I have been looking for local brioche and I found it today at Stella's Bakery along with a loaf of marble rye.  I love living in Wolseley where it seems nearly everything is a bike ride away.  They have a showcase of all their delicious slices, cookies, and muffins and the window is filled with rustic looking loaves.  I bake bread in the winter but why do I when I have Stella's and Tall Grass minutes away?  I guess I am preparing in case we lose our mind and move to the suburbs.  ;)

I hope you are all having a great weekend!  I have had a fantastic weekend.  Firstly, the rain has pretty much stayed away.  Secondly,  I went to three church rummage sales yesterday sans kids.  Thirdly, I was the first person to walk into the Crafty Minions sale.  :)  I did buy my shirt from Lady Tees and ordered 2 more.  I bought Li (my girl) 3 pairs of earrings from Midkid: apples, birds, and hearts.  I also found a great vintage shirt for Li from Marathon 1981 or I should say her new Etsy shop named The Young Team, and a set of melmac plates for my deck from Bitchin' Kitsch'N'Kitchen.   Definitely a successful day.

This afternoon we biked to Stella's for bread and to Olmand's Creek to see if the lake has receded (it hasn't).  Tonight,  once our little mini ones are asleep, we get to sit on our deck and listen to the U2 concert.  :)  We have been hearing them practice and sound checks already.  Not a bad weekend I'd say.  Have a great week folks!!

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