Friday, May 13, 2011

Carla Dyck's Photography

I had a very lazy day yesterday because I have a bit of a cold and was feeling lousy.  When I have time to play with I like to peak through the W.E.S.T. site to see what they are talking about lately and who is new to the group.  It is like a blog I follow.  :)  I was drawn to Carla Dyck's photography.  I love photography.  I dabble with it a bit as most people do but Carla has the talent and the eye.  Wow.  My husband told me that I am not allowed anymore tree art or photography in the house so I will have to ooh and aah over her's online.  ;)  I have chosen a few of my favourites to show here but you have to hop on her Etsy site and see her amazing range with her style, editing, and her subjects.   This is how Carla describes herself:

"I love beauty.  Finding it in the ordinary is always sweet and often abundant. In order to find it, I need open eyes and a softened heart.

My work tends to have a source of strength, usually linear, a sense of simplicity, often in the number of colours present, and invariably a little bit of chaos.  This is life.  My strength is my faith.  My simplicity is my lifestyle.  My chaos is life's twists and turns."


Carla Dyck said...

How very cool to find this!!! Thank you for featuring my work so beautifully. :)
Be well,

lulu said...

No problem and they pulled me in so I had to write about them. They are beautiful!!!!