Monday, December 7, 2009

Humboldt's Legacy

Humboldt's Legacy is one of the originals on Westminster Ave in Wolseley's core. I have been shopping at Humboldt's for many years now and every time I head in there they have new things. I found an article on Humboldt's Legacy online at that says everything better than I can so here it is:

"While big-box retailers in the Canadian city of Winnipeg leave large, unsustainable footprints, 'Humboldt's Legacy' treads much more lightly. Located on a quiet, elm-lined street with an organic food co-operative and a wholegrain bakery for neighbours; Humboldt's is a sanctuary for green consumers.

Humboldt's Legacy was founded on the belief that consumers can influence the shift to a more sustainable society by changing their purchasing habits. It gives consumers access to products that support the shift towards an alternative, sustainable economy.

'This is a very democratic enterprise,' says Willi Kurtz, Humboldt's co-owner. 'Our whole concept of this store is that the consumer sets the tone for the economy. For instance, we constantly hear people demanding certain products, or an end to child labour and so forth. That's a very simple thing that would happen tomorrow if our shopping patterns would change. And that's what we've seen here every day for ten years.'

For over decade, Humboldt's Legacy has been providing environmentally friendly household products to Winnipeg consumers. According to Kurtz, the economy as it exists today seems to be intent on fostering social inequality and environmental degradation.

The Humboldt's Legacy product range is diverse, but designed for anyone wanting to live in a sustainable society. Customers can find recycled paper; soaps, shampoos and detergents in refillable containers; clothing and bedding made from organic cotton; seeds that support biodiversity and organic agriculture; books and magazines providing information on a plethora of green subjects; and many other items."

887 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 772-1404


Serena said...

We adore Humbolts! I think its in a class of its own, we really have nothing else like it here in Winnipeg.

Anonymous said...

Found a picture of your store!