Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Hi Everyone! I am sorry I have not been able to post much lately. I haven't had the time to research new artisans because it has been getting very busy around here lately. I apologize because I have a few readers who have sent me emails about doing a feature on them. I have an idea to make this blog run smoother. If you want me to do a feature on you because you are a local artisan, you know an artisan you would like me to feature, or you have a local business that sells local wares please email me a paragraph on it with address or contact information and photos if you have. Then if I am too busy to research it I can still post it. What is important is that the local artisans are being featured and people are directed where to buy local. I know I am quite witty and a talented writer but most of you are here for the artisans not for me. ;D I will continue to do my posts as well as I come across interesting local talent but I don't want to stop posting here so please email your features to

I look forward to reading your reviews, features, and learning about more of my community. This goes for anyone in Manitoba. Even local restaurants that use local ingredients or local farmers. I think we could even lean towards featuring neat small local restaurants that may or may not use local ingredients because they are are still our community and it would be nice to have more visitors to their establishments than to the big terrible chain restaurants. I love Manitoba and I would love for our local artisans and small business take over the local economy. Keep money in Manitoba and give it to our neighbors instead of the big corporations!

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