Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Haberdashery

I love Oldhat and their hats can be purchased at an accesory shop in the Exhange called the Haberdashery. I Googled Haberdshery because it is an unusual name for a store and found out that a haberdasher is a person who sells small articles like a Medieval five and dime store and was also listed as a mens outfitter. It suits the store, although it does not exclusively sell mens accessories. The Haberdashery carries hats, neck ties, bow ties, scarves, buckles, sunglasses, and footwear.

I really liked this funny comment on

"Haberdashery is an odd word, somewhat fun to say, but its origin is unknown. Some suggest it comes from the French English word, hapertas, which translates to "wares" or "pretty wares." It is suggested that hapertas may have referred to a specific type of fabric that is now no longer made."

Karla, one of my readers commented on Winnipeg's Haberdashery:

"Here's a huge plug to visit The Haberdashery for lots of other amazing stuff too... The owners are friends of mine and you couldn't support a more wonderful Winnipeg couple. Buy your hats and accessories at mom and pop stores, people - and support local "guys next door" instead of large franchise stores. It's good for all of us!!"

Check them out online or at their shop in Winnipeg's Exchange District:
4 Albert Street Winnipeg, Manitoba


mrchristian said...

Very cool, thanks for pointing this out ! There was a place called The Haberdashery on Corydon years ago, I wonder if it's the same place. Great location !

lulu said...

They are the same!! I found this online from Uptowns top businesses:

"57. Best Hat & Bag Store
1) The Haberdashery
84 Albert St., 256-3758
The Haberdashery may have new Albert- Street digs, but the former Corydon Avenue haunt is still your connection for cool accessories. Hats are what the boutique is best known for, but it's also home to an ever-changing assortment of trendy pieces for guys and girls, including bags, scarves, ties, belts and shoes. Thanks to The Haberdashery, even the jeans-and-T-shirt faithful can be fashion-forward."

Anonymous said...

The ABSOLUTE BEST little shop in town! Their selection of hats, belts, shades etc. is so good. I have been shopping in this store for years and everytime I go in there it gets better. Ask the store owner Luke for a shoe shine, he's got skills! I'm going this afternoon for some Christmas ideas...


mrchristian said...

I went there after work for a browse around - very cool store ! I ended up buying myself a nice fedora. Thanks for the tip. I told them I saw it on your blog !