Saturday, November 21, 2009

Signatures Craft Show Today

My sister and I decided to head over to the Signatures Craft Show today at the Convention Centre. It was ok. Much like most Convention Centre Sale sales events. Lots of pricey items and not to many "craft" items. I am guessing this a more high end show than the quaint community club fairs. There were none of the $5 mom and pop knitting tables or the chunky hand made soaps. There were also lots of out of Manitoba vendors that probably follow the show across Canada. I kind-of expected it all after reading up on the show. I am not saying it was a total bust. There were some of the neato shops and artisans that I have been reviewing here. My sister especially loved the U.S.E.D. Seatbelt bags and will probably be ordering one soon. I grabbed a couple of cards to review later this month along with the long list I still have on the back burner. I am so proud of being from Manitoba. We have some amazingly talented people here. I always snicker to myself that only tough people can survive the prairies. All the weak people can't cut it here and move to Vancouver. ;)

Back to the show. Well....anyone who knows me knows I like to eat. I will never be a slim jim. The Convention Centre's vendor food was pretty weak. Stale muffins and "pastries" and $3 drinks. Inside there was an interesting Gelati vendor selling cotton candy, peanut butter, cookie dough, and other not very custom Gelati flavours. They seemed to be a hit with the crowd because everyone was munching on it. It was my "reward" for my little girl at the end of the show for being such a good girl. I sampled a few dip places and picked up a dill dip from Tasty Tidbets (A local Epicure type vendor) and some delicious cinnamon honey butter from Raven Creek Farm Bee Wares from Oakburn, Manitoba. I was sad to have missed out on the Saskatoon jam from local Miinan. They sold out before I got there but they still had the sample out and it was delicious. I got a card so I can order some or head over to another craft fair that they will be visiting. There were a couple knitting stands that drew me in but I have the German Oma knit for hire, from one of my first postings, so I don't need to out source anymore. ;) I seem to have only spend money on treats which is not strange for me. Most of the items I admired were around $100 and I am pretty much done Christmas shopping. Making gifts and buying local makes it easier and less stressful. No long lines and crazy crowds.

I think maybe I should have headed over to the Earl Grey Craft Fair instead. Probably more up my alley. I am getting very excited for next weekend's Winnipeg Centre Vineyard Craft & Art Fair. I think it will have some neat stuff. I will keep you all posted on it.

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