Friday, November 6, 2009

Secret Garden Soap Co

While at the Assiniboine Downs Farmers Market I bought a few soaps on impulse. I always have to buy something other than veggies and I wasn't in the mood for a cupcake. Jennifer Tinley-Braun from Secret Garden Soap Company made them here in Winnipeg. I have very sensitive skin and eczema on my hands so I typically do not buy soap from vendors but there was a $2 basket so I couldn't say no. I bought one new soap and one from the $2 basket. The soaps I bought from her are very nice and mild. Normally just holding a bar of soap in the shower burns my eczema and this one feels like nothing. It is fabulous. The soaps use a combination of olive oil, coconut oil, soybean oil, essential oil, and botanicals. You have to read the labels especially if you are a vegetarian because some of them are made with lard. She had dozens of different types of soap featuring many ingredients and scents. I would recommend it especially if you have sensitive skin or eczema. The soap in the $2 basket smelt old so I am guessing that is why it was $2. We are a little thrifty around here so of course we have it in our shower right now anyways. It is just as nice as the other but has a faint old oil smell that fortunately does not make me smell like old oil.

There are many neat local soap makers worth checking out at the craft fairs so you do not have to shop the giant soap businesses. Local soap makers create bars that look good and have less fillers and ingredients. I never use any non local soaps. Why when there is so much talent out here? I will do other blog entries on the larger local soap makers later in the month who have store fronts to purchase their yummy products in case you can't make it to the soap fairs. I am sure if you want to buy from Jennifer you could contact her by email or phone.

I could not find a website but this is the description I found about Secret Garden Soap Company on
The Secret Garden Soap Co.

The Secret Garden Soap Co., located in Winnipeg, Manitoba,takes pride in creating a very special selection of all natural homemade soaps. Each batch is carefully measured and tended to with great care. Our handmade, kettle cooked soaps are unlike any commercial soaps. In commercially made soap the glycerin (a natural by-product of the soap making process) is removed, making commercial soaps very drying. Bars from The Secret Garden Soap Co. are made from pure organic oils in various combinations, which include olive, canola, flax, almond, coconut, palm, soybean, and vitamin E oils. Other ingredients are cocoa butter, and fresh spring water. Depending on the particular soap, additives to the recipes may include honey, clays, herbs, spices, grains, and pure, high quality essential oils. The weight of each bar varies depending on the ingredients used, butnormally each is approximately5-6 oz. when first cut and a just a bit less when they are done curing. Our natural homemade soaps contain no preservatives and should be used within 12 months of purchase. For longer lasting soaps,allowthem to be exposed to air and let soap dry out between uses in a well drained soap dish. All products from the Secret Garden Soap Co. are biodegradable, never tested on animals and use a minimal amount of environmentally friendly packaging.

The Secret Garden Soap Co.
p: 204-795-8402

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