Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ginger Cat Cafe Makes Latte Art

I had to feature Brandon's Ginger Cat Cafe. It is the first time that a Mom of a local business owner or artisan emailed me and requested me to check out her daughter's art. This is a whole different art than anything that I have posted here. Veronica Dyck makes latte art. Veronica came to Canada from Russia in 1994. She now owns an eclectic, art-infused coffeehouse. Unfortunately I haven't been to Brandon for a number of years so I haven't been able to experience her famous latte art. Valery, Veronica's Mom, generously and probably proudly provided me with photos of her daughter's art.

Ginger Cat Cafe uses Manitoba-roasted coffee beans for their beautiful lattes and feature many other hot & cold drinks, baked goodies & desserts, breakfast, panini sandwiches, salads & soup They feature live music weekends and are open 7 days a week so the coffee is always on!!

Ginger Cat Cafe also offers tea parties for private parties, meetings and gatherings. Next summer, as I am heading to B.C. to visit my dear friend Nadine, I will have to stop in and sample a chocolate dessert along with one of their famous lattes.


Amber. said...

Hi! I really enjoy your blog!! Are you aware of the Christmas Craft Sale at the Wpg Centre Vineyard this Saturday? Count yourself invited ;)


I'll be there with my tasty creations, along with many other awesome artisans! Here are three (!) links, if you are interested:


lulu said...


I will be there and I was thinking about reviewing you too!! I saw your cute stuff at the Lilypad open house.

Amber. said...

Aw, really?! That's so cool!! I didn't know you were at the Lilypad open house :) Fun!! Make sure to introduce yourself on Saturday then, ok?!

lulu said...

Will Do!