Thursday, November 5, 2009

Winnipeg's Sling Sisters Wraps and Slings

Another thing that you may not know about me is how I LOVE slings and baby carriers. I do not mean the sad cases that somehow make it big like the Bjorns and such. I mean beautiful and back loving slings like the mei tais, ring slings, pouch slings, and the well made soft carriers. I was suckered in once with a Bjorn I saw some movie star using when I was all but a virgin baby wearer but I have grown and I am not looking back.

A sister dual is making beautiful baby wearing devices here in Manitoba. They make beautiful wraps and pouch slings. Their bamboo wrap fabric is also milled in Canada. They have donated a sling and a wrap to my Winnipeg Babywearers group so we can lend them out to our members. You can glance upon their beautiful local made slings and wraps on their blog:

They also have been making wet bags to store wet diapers, bathing suits, heck anything you don't want dripping all inside your purse. They are very handy to have around and great baby shower or Christmas gifts.

I recommend that if you are deciding to pick up one of those big name brand carriers for a mommy to be I would suggest you look here first. Instead of buying her a back breaking expensive carrier or some carrier with octopus padded arms that wrap around you 10,000 times buy her something beautiful where she can bond with her baby. Don't buy her something that is worn by some paid movie star. All eyes will stop on her and she can be the star instead. ;)

They have an online shop:

Sling Sisters slings and wraps can be purchased at these online retailers:

Tiny Tree Hugger Diapers
A Tall Giraffe

As well as these local retail stores in Winnipeg:

Bug N Boo: 845 Dakota (across from St. Vital Mall)
Hempyrean: at The Forks

***Remember that baby slings are not just for the baby. Skip the
teddy bears and pastel prints. Stand out with the new must have accessory...your baby in one hot looking sling.

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