Saturday, November 14, 2009

R.A.Steen Craft Fair Vendors

I just got back from the fair and surprising there were some wreaths and snowmen men made out of cotton balls. ;) If that's your thing then that is great. If not, here are some of the other vendors.

- Three Angels Jewelry & Gifts - handmade jewerly made from Wolseley local
- Paperplay Creations cards, gift bags, tags, how to classes, and handmade birthday parties for children.
- Total She Inc - check out website
- Deloresart - plaques, magnets and more made by graphic design & illustrator Delores Orridge ( from Brandon Manitoba
- Aradia's Gallery & Naturals - handmade essential oil's, bath & beauty products, and more.
- Christina Von Schindler - Fine Functional & Wearable Art. Another Wosleley local
- Boomerang 360 degrees - Kylie Stomp's graphic design t-shirts and other designs
- Jake Chenier Photography - Jake is a francophone musician that has music releases in both english and french as well as children's music. He now is documenting his adventures with photography.
- Naw Kay Backstrap Handwoven Designs - scarves, tablecloths, bags, tops, and skirts made on a traditional backstrap loom
- Kurio Studio & Gallery - photography, art & custom book design.
- Photographs by Pat Bragg
- Craig Street Cats - Wolseley area cat rescue. http://cats.wolseley

Other's that either didn't have business cards or I missed their cards were handmade soaps, more photography, handmade cards, photo cards, handmade dog treats, knitwear, a little baking (not enough for my tastes), clothing, vintage items, and more. I have a toddler talking my ear off right now so I apologize to any missed vendors. Check it out along with the other craft fairs this weekend. There is always some neat finds at these things!!!

I will probably do some reviews or posts this month on a couple of these vendors that stood out to me so keep an eye out for them.

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