Tuesday, November 24, 2009

EMK Clothing

Erin May Kembel learned how to sew when she was 9 years old by taking sewing lessons in her neighborhood. This childhood hobby quickly became her passion. She begun selling her work to friends and family, and got into her first store when she was still in high school. Now Erin has her EMK Clothing line which she sells online, from her studio, artisan shows, and at stores across Canada including the Manitoba Museum Gift Shop in Winnipeg & the Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba in Brandon.

Erin designed her EMK line to be functional and beautiful. She loves the combination of colour, print, and texture.

I was first introduced to EMK back when Erin and a partner had Osborne Village store Stulka Clothing and Accessories. I had loved how stylish and comfortable her clothes are. I bought a couple pairs of pants off the shelf and had her custom make me another couple pairs. Her EMK line had these bright retro Mitchell Fabric basement prints mixed in casual bottoms lie black corduroy floods. Yes....I still use "floods" rather then "capris"....Old Navy ruined that term for me. ;) I have not been the only person I know that was crazy about Stulka and EMK. My friend bought her very favorite EMK wallet at Stulka many many years ago and it is tattered now and terribly worn but she will not quit using it.

Erin seems to have dropped the clothing currently and has concentrated her design efforts to bags, accessories, and baby slings.

Even without Stulka there are still so many places to purchase EMK clothes. I just saw Erin this weekend at the Signature Craft Show at the Convention Centre and took a look at some of the new items on her EMK line. She still does great stuff and I find that all of her items, no matter how different, still have that EMK feeling that I remember from Stulka. It must be the Erin in every piece. I recommend that you take a peak at her website and download her catalog to check out her complete EMK line.


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safetyorange said...

Oh, how i love EMK! I have a beautiful sweater I bought at Stulka a gajillion years ago and I still wear it at least twice a month! Also have a great skirt and a pair of goucho pants... i wish she was making lots of clothes still, sigh....