Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anyone Need Some TLC???

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about local beauty experts at Tiber River Naturals. How can you not love shopping where the mission statement is to help their customers to have fun, be unique and rise above what drags you down. I have an entrepreneur mind so I love learning about how businesses get created. Below is a blurb about Tibre River Naturals creater Adriana De Luca and business partner Michelle Lalonde.

"Tiber River is a Winnipeg-based business, started in 1999, by Adriana De Luca. A new mother, she was determined not to go back to a job that took her away from her daughter for 10-12 hours per day. Having learned how to make soap from her Nanna years before, Adriana began selling her soaps at home parties. From there, customer requests and suggestions planted the seed for what has become Tiber River Naturals - a thriving business that manufactures their own body products, as well as products for other companies, using natural, environmentally friendly ingredients.

In 2005, Adriana partnered with Michelle Lalonde, a marketing and promotions genius, and together they opened their flagship store at 408 Academy Road. There you can find top-quality products, hand-made right here in Winnipeg, by Adriana and her team, along with their Nail and Body Bar, where Melissa and her team will pamper you with Tiber River goodness. Combining shared values with separate strengths, these two women have forged an unbeatable partnership that reflects in everything they do."

What I like about Tiber River Naturals is their unique items that they make. I used to go there whenever I needed a neat gift for a friend or family member because they had this bath soap that was like plasticine or chewing gum. It was like an adult bath toy; you could squish it up and play with it. What I have not experienced at Tiber River yet is their Nail and Body Bar. They declare on their website that they are not a spa or salon. "We are a unique new concept, where everyone, men, women and children can come on a regular basis to be treated to the best spa services, in a joyous, upbeat atmosphere. Come in to find out why we're told we have the 'Best Pedicures in Town!"

I am a part of a local Winnipeg forum and many of the women were ooing and awing over it. The comments mostly used about Tiber River's Nail and Body Bar were that their products were eco-friendly and people friendly. They also loved that they have formaldehyde free polish for their manicures and pedicures. And...yes, they loved their pedicures!

Check out their website:

or stop in at one of their Winnipeg locations for some body products or their famous pedicure:

408 Academy Road
T- 204 474 2333

3-1650 Kenaston in the Kenaston Crossing Mall
T- 204 284 4247

I was just in their neighborhood yesterday night and noticed that they have a couple specials going on. If I remember correctly it was their famous pedicure and manicure combo for $55 and $5 off their pedicures for November. This is a great time to give them a try!

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