Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Revelations North Creations

Michelle Mathews is the creator of Revelations North. She is an artist, designer, creator and has been entirely self taught. She lives in a The Pas, Manitoba which is a small, isolated town of 10,000. She can walk out her door and be swallowed by nature. I believe that nature and the quiet isolation must have been her inspiration for her work. Michelle started by working with wire and through trial and error she has became a creator of beautiful, wearable art.

Michelle says of her art:
"When I make my jewelry I do it peacefully. It's a form of meditation for me. I sit quietly and go away for a while into my beads and wire. I work in sterling silver or copper wire and have found they both have their own unique personality. I'm a rock hound as well and I believe in the power of rocks and minerals, so working with gemstones is like working with old friends.

My pieces are created entirely by hand using techniques of weaving and forging. Many feet of wire are bound and wrapped together to create an intricate design. Oxidization and hand polishing enhance the depth and texture of the weaving. Since every step is completed by hand, each piece created is truly one-of-a-kind, a work of art."

Michelle may be out in the middle of the wilderness but she is not hard to find. She is available online at:

Michelle, with her Revelations North creations, can be visited next at The Pas Arts Council Christmas sale on Nov 28th.

I have chosen my favorite pieces to showcase but she has so many beautiful hand crafted, forest and lake inspired jewelry I recommend you have a peak at her art right away and choose the one of a kind piece that speaks to you!!

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