Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faeries From the Prairies

One thing that most of you do not know about me is my fascination for faeries and Celtic folklore. I have always had a wild imagination and believing in faeries is not out there for me. Faeries From the Prairies is a land where childhood imagination takes life. Faerie Wendy designs beautiful costumes for every little faerie or princess in your home, young and old with lush fabrics such as silk, velvet, and cottons. They look like they are right out of the fairytale that you read to your child before bedtime.

Wendy is creative and a talented seamstress. She also makes sure that the costumes are school & daycare tested for durability and machine washable if you can believe it. She does not want to limit dress up for special occasions. She wants children to be able to imagine a new world anytime they like and create lasting memories.

There are many costume makers out there. If you walk into any box store you can find princesses and pirates all year round. These costume are made out of thin man made materials and plastic. They are cheaply made and nothing compared to Wendy's faeries and princesses. Your child is unique and so is her imagination. Let her choose a faerie to be that no one else is. Do not limit her with costumes of branded characters that line the shelves. Wendy also can create a faerie of your child's making. She can custom make a costume along with you and your child's imagination. Check out her beautiful fantasy website and blog where faeries are brought to life.

If you keep your eyes open and believe in what you cannot see then you may just get a glimpse of Wendy's faeries at a local craft fair or maybe even Folk Fest next year. ;)


Anonymous said...

site link broken! Site doesn't exist!

lulu said...

The blog entry is 4 yrs old. Anything can happen in 4 yrs. :) The blog seems to still be working.