Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Weebejammin Old School Jammies

Everyone has to remember those cozy flannel jammies from the 80's. Grandmas, Nanas, Omas, and Babas all over the world made these for their grandkids for every Christmas and birthday. Well, if you don't have a Grandma, Nana, Oma, or Baba to sew jammies take a look at local Winkler trio Weebejammin. They are making them with warm winter flannel and cool summer cottons.

They also have just added the ever so popular baby sleep sack with one cool addition, full sleeves. I feel like I am stealing from them when I order my kids jammies. Handmade pajamas are around $20 and the sleep sacks $10-$15. How do they do it???? I am sure you can't even get a sleep sack at one of the disgusting box stores for less than $25. This is another have to buy for shower gifts, Christmas, birthdays, heck for $10 you don't need a holiday to buy them. I have 8 sleep sacks on order for baby to be gifts and Christmas gifts. I have also bought a few pairs of jammies for my 2 1/2 yr old. I LOVE them!!

Take a look at their blog with some more pictures and ordering information:



Corinna said...

Cute sleep sack! I made a blanket out of that fabric once!

Karla said...

I've ordered lots of nighties and a few pairs of jammies for Christmas. Just got my sleep-sack too.. great flannel prints to choose from!