Monday, November 16, 2009

Kate & Birdie Paper Company

I came across Kate & Birdie Paper Company accidentally. I don't even remember how I fell upon them. I don't think I was searching online for anyone named Kate or any Birdies. I think maybe it was green gifts in Winnipeg or something along that road. I am very environmentally conscious and I try to support organic and environmentally friendly products whenever I can. That is one of the reasons I started this blog. So when I read that Kate & Birdie are commitment to creating a smaller footprint by making cards from recycled papers made with wind-generated electricity and by using plant-based biodegradable wrap to envelope each note card I was instantly impressed. Once I got past their first impression I saw the cards. They create beautiful in-house designed illustrations for a variety of types of cards, invitations, boxed notes, imprintables, wrap, and home wall pieces. The images are very modern, fresh, and cheerful. The designs seem to incorporate urban nature and rural nature. I love the street lamps especially. Their 2009 collection gives the feeling that someone was snapping photos as they walked through a beautiful park in the middle of a busy city.

Kate & Birdie Paper Company have been featured in House & Home Magazine, on Canada AM, and Gloria of Kate & Birdie was nominated two years in a row for the Women Entrepreneur of the Year Award. Congrats!!

Kate & Birdie cards are available to purchase at numerous unique bookstores and boutiques in Winnipeg such as Creative Paper Gallery, Small Indulgence, Tiber River, Lake Life, McNally Robinson, Thoughtful Touch, U of W Bookstore, Edward Carrier, Desart, Bailiwix, and The Garden Room. They are also available online at,, and

Stop in at one of the stores above or take a peak at their website:

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