Sunday, November 8, 2009

Little Bakery on the Prairie

Tall Grass Prairie has been the go to place for fresh bread and baked goods in Wolseley forever. They not only bake everything on site but they grind their own flours from local grains, offer yeast free and other allergy sensitive food, sell local Bothwell cheese, jams, and knit wear, and make the best cinnamon buns anywhere. Not only are these cinnamon buns delicious but they are made from whole wheat flour and they will hand over the recipe to you if you ask for it. They know that you will keep coming back for theirs because their grains are ground daily so your home made ones will still not compare to their jewels. In the last couple of years they have opened a second location in The Forks that offers all sorts of things that the small location in Wolseley can't currently offer including a small organic grocery, catering, and on site made meals. The Wolseley location is currently closed and will reopen in January because they are currently renovating and adding onto the existing bakery. I am excited to see what new things they will offer in my neighborhood.

To me, other than the cinnamon buns of course, the NEED to have items are their whole wheat multi grain bread, wild rice bread, their own cold pressed sunflower oil, and their cheese croissants. Yum Yum! I am sure that they are the best cheese croissants in the world. They are smokey and buttery. I wish I had one right now to go along with my berry tea.

The only thing that they make that doesn't do it for me are their muffins. I think they are a little healthy tasting and my toddler won't eat them. I like them slathered with butter but what isn't delicious slathered with butter. My friend Nadine makes way better healthy muffins and she hides all sorts of crazy veggies in hers. This is of course is just my opinion and I am sure there are lovers of them or they wouldn't be making them. ;)

Tall Grass Prairie is a super place to stop for outings of all sorts. You could pick up a nice hostess gift, a cake, or a dozen of their folk fest cookies for the kiddies. They will even make vegan and allergy sensitive birthday cakes and treats. Give them a call for your next function.

I sadly....oh so sadly missed my friends wedding last year. Not only did I miss watching her walk down the aisle but I missed a meal catered by Tall Grass Prairie. I mourn that day still. I was lucky to have been at a function at our local community club where Tall Grass Prairie catered part of the breakfast. Yummy mini-cinnamon buns and other treats. That was a pleasant surprise.

Just get on your bike and ride to Tall Grass Prairie right now. I don't care if it is 2 in the morning. It is worth the wait, and depending on where you are coming from you may have a long bike ride there anyways. :D

Check them out here if you are too lazy to ride over there now:

Bon Appetite!

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